Sunday, October 16, 2016

Most Republicans Disapprove of The Supreme Court, While (Curiously) Most Democrats Approve

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U.S. Supreme Court Chambers

In a recent Gallup poll 2/3s of Republicans disapprove of the Supreme Court, while an almost equal number (67%) of Democrats approve of the High Court.

WHY is that?

Well, polls show that the vast majority of the disapproval across the board stems from the Supreme Court's recent (June 27, 2016), shameful unanimous decision in the McDonnell v United States case (…/supreme-court-bob-mcdonnell-virgin…), in which the High Court basically OK'd political corruption and, by extension, bribery, in exonerating former VA Governor Bob McDonnell! The SC unanimously ruled that taking gifts (even large amounts of cash) and other forms of "Pay to Play" are perfectly legal, right and just, so long as they are not in the immediate vicinity of the alleged quid pro quo. In other words future speaking engagements totaling millions of dollars for regulatory and legal considerations done now are completely fine.

When looked at more closely the 2/3s of Republicans and 1/3 of Dems, along with the nearly 60% of Independents who DISAPPROVE of the Supreme Court right now, reference that particular disgraceful case. They WON'T forget. (…/supreme-court-eliminates-politi…/)

Many of the 2/3s of Dems and 40% of Independents who do approve of the High Court, either never heard of the McDonnell decision, or had already forgotten it. An equal number of Democrats and Republicans (about 15%) supported the Supreme Court precisely because they agree with the shameful McDonnell decision. Many of these are either career politicians, members of the political/media class that benefit from this decision, or businesses who've enjoyed lucrative "Pay-to-Play" arrangements with government officials.

In that regard the establishments of BOTH major political Parties are simpatico. From the Bush's to the Clinton's, they agree completely with the McDonnell decision.

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