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Corporatism and the Roots of Modern Populism (Here’s the part where I piss off everyone on BOTH sides)...

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Back in 1977 a woman named Janice Hooker helped her husband, Cameron (a sexual sadist, into extreme B&D) take a young woman named Colleen Stan as a sex slave. The Hooker's kept Colleen Stan for over 8 years, hiding her in a box used to provide extreme sensory deprivation in order to effectively break down and ultimately brainwash Colleen. Janice later testified that she'd helped her husband because she didn't want to be subjected to Cameron's tortuous sado-sexual exploits any longer (Yeah, she preferred that some other woman be subjected to them, against her will). She also slimed Ms. Stan in her court testimony, in effect, blaming the victim, just as Camille Cosby and Hillary Clinton have dutifully done.

Now, I also confess to many times having engaged in what Donald Trump is now charged with; "course locker room banter” and “the ‘objectifying’ of women."


But, then again, I'd say any man that DOESN'T, or hasn't objectified women as "sexual objects"...well such males probably objectify...other males, if you catch my meaning. “NOT that there’s anything wrong with that.”

At any rate, while I believe that Bill Clinton is not close to being as dangerous a sexual predator as Cameron Hooker, who used and exploited a poor, young hitchhiker for his own sordid and nefarious purposes, still, BOTH these sexual predators relied upon “other women,” willing to serve as “personal enablers.”

All that said, I fully understand that in excess of 100 of the world’s wealthiest souls are all avowed Corporatists ("Progressive" in today's parlance). Progressivism IS Corporatism. Their lackeys, the vaunted “political-media class” think they belong to that club. They DON’T! They’re just hired help, and NOT so much sous chefs, as janitors.

So, I also get that their primary concern is that dolts like Angela Merkel and Hillary Rodham are, perhaps purposely undermining global Corporatism and its desire for a much more homogeneous and harmonious world. They seem part of a nefarious vanguard in our Western political-media class that is stealthily trying to undermine their corporate masters.

Don't believe that such people have Corporate "masters"? Consider that back in 2010 Monsanto was able to get its controversial Food Bill that pushed for greater reliance on GMOs passed as an attachment, or "Rider" to the "Cash for Clunkers" Bill. The Monsanto rider opened up the USA and subsequently most of Europe to Monsanto's GMOs. The Bill itself, was written by Michael Taylor the former VP of Monsanto, before he became the FDA's Food Commissioner (…/why-ex-monsanto-executive-michael-… That's how thoroughly global Conglomerates run our governments.

The primary concern of today’s globalists has to be that certain rogue "political/media operatives/employees" are attempting to undermine their global corporate control.

Incredibly enough, this current American election has shown that BOTH major political Parties in the U.S. obey the SAME Corporate masters. We saw FNC ("Fox News") go full frontal attack on the outsider Trump from the start. The Democratic party was only able to avoid the same sort of overt sliming of Bernie Sanders by rigging their Primaries with politically connected and Party loyalist "Super Delegates." Everyone thought Trump would "just go away," but this nascent populist rebellion seems to only be garnering more and more support as more of us "sheep" wake up! For that, I blame the likes of Merkel and Clinton who've undermined multiculturalism by looking to graft Muslims who adhere to a moral code that is both different and incompatible with Western morality.

STILL, I'd caution Corporatists and globalists against being too gloomy about the prognosis for the coming U.S. election. After all, as Joe Stalin correctly stated, "It doesn't matter who votes, but who counts the votes that matters." It is hard to believe otherwise that, no matter what, the vote COUNT will ultimately favor Hillary come November 8th! After that, it's up to her and her cohort Merkel to "make amends" and allay the fears of ALL ethnic Europeans now lurching Rightward in response to this Muslim invasion.

IF they fail, "Plan B" will probably be some kind of faux far-right, fascist movement that'll (1) scapegoat the Muslims in the West, (2) drastically change our political-media class and (3) replace it with one more aligned with global Corporatism.

BUT, come what may, our globalist elites favor, Corporatism today, Corporatism tomorrow...Corporatism FOREVER!

After all, that’s certainly what U.S. Senator Prescott Bush, the patriarch of the "Bush dynasty," preached and he was an American Nazi. FACT is, he and Democrat Averell Harriman ran Union Bank of NY that was shuttered for violating the "Trading with Enemy Act" during WW II. they did business with Fritz Thiessen, Hitler's personal banker! Subsequently, Harriman and Bush engineered the GOP's hostile takeover of the Democratic party via Nixon's "Southern Strategy," a strategy designed to alienate Southern whites and "Ethnic Northern Catholics" (mostly Irish & Italians at the time) from their home in the Democratic Party.

Both Bush and Harriman also engineered Operation Paperclip that brought scores of Nazis, including many Nazi scientists to the U.S. When Werner von Braun was complimented over "America's Space program," he sneered, "There's was never any American space program, nor any Soviet space program, just two Nazi space programs." He DIDN'T say "German" space programs, he said NAZI space programs!

Sure, BOTH Bush and Harriman were later cleared of holding "Nazi sympathies," by a government in league with those very same Nazis...Operation Paperclip basically REMADE the USA, at least its technological capabilities.

In truth, Prescott Bush was far more involved with the Third Reich (…/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar). It has been reported that BOTH Bush & Harriman were fond of wearing German (Nazi) uniforms at Union Bank Board meetings. Why NOT? The Rothschild banks helped Hitler as well!

Here's the reality we all face, asleep, or awakened, but awakened too late...what does it matter? There seems no way, now, to effectively overthrow this Corporate governance that now seems firmly in control of the West. IF you work for the government and are looking toward a public sector pension, or if you're on ANY government programs, then you're really probably better off remaining asleep. Hillary Clinton is by far the most likely to continue the existing status quo.

"Rocking the boat," could very well come with MANY unsavory and unseen realities, like the drastic reduction in government pensions, yes, even for those now collecting and the elimination of much of the existing social safety net (Food Stamps programs, Section-8 Housing vouchers, WIC programs, etc.)

Bill Clinton was a protégé of Bush the elder and was used to soften the advent of Progressivism/Corporatism in the U.S. When Newt Gingrich & company took over the U.S. Congress in 1994, instead of blocking their agenda, he made sure Newt's "Contract With America" became the law of the land. It was even Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA, giving globalism and its cheap labor outsourcing a Progressive Democratic face.

Today the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. are simply two corporate teams - the RED team and the BLUE team. In effect Exxon-Mobil, Monsanto etc. vs Goldman Sachs, ADM, etc....SAME agenda, similar faces, just different corporate logos. Trump's populism, like that of the late, great Jorge Haider comes about 50 years too late. This George Carlin bit isn't all that funny...because it's sad, but entirely true. (

We remain so confused because we can scarcely identify actual ideologies any more. The “elites” purposefully merge and meld ideologies until they become mere labels...just “words.” I, myself have been alternately been called a "communist," socialist," "Nazi," "Corporatist," "Marxist" and, of course, "fascist.," depending upon the orientation of the offended, merely because I tell the truth.

I often tell people, "What?! Sure, we’re all corporate slaves now (public and private sector workers and ESPECIALLY the “government-dependent”, and ya know what? We’ve never had it so good!"

AND look, being completely honest, the struggle to preserve Europe's, America's and even Australia's original cultures and heritages is over...done...kaput! It seems far too late to wake up now. YES, we are ALL, at least in a sense, "Corporate slaves," BUT the cage is a very gilded one. I would ask, "Do we want to go back to feudalism or something?" If NOT, then we might as well all just accept reality as it is, right?

What’s kind of funny today, is watching those in the media and elsewhere attempt to sway “the religious” away from Trump based on “appeals to Jesus Christ,” a name that itself had been forbidden from use in our media, except when some athlete would “thank God...and Mom” for his/her success. BUT, there’s a reason for the futility of the arguments made by so many "Progressive Democrat" Hillary-supporters that they seem to fail to understand and that is that Donald Trump's support is NOT predicated on his skills, charm, charisma or governmental experience. His SOLE support and advantage with those who revile America's Corporately controlled political/media-class, and for them, his greatest asset is that "He's NOT one of them." The “THEM” being the globalist lackeys of our political-media class. He's NEVER been held to any "political standard" because he isn't expected to be a savior, just, "NOT one of THEM."

That's it!

So, in that regard, there's no way to convince or convert them, any more than there's a way to wake up those who don't want to see that every Western "democracy" today is controlled/owned by a relatively small group of global conglomerates. THAT’S why when polled some 91% of those who supported Trump said that his “locker room comments” from 2005 would have no impact on their support and another 3% said that the comments improved his standing in his eyes. I guess that was some folks looking to really offend the apoplectic media.

In the end, it probably really doesn't matter either way. Those still asleep are most likely much better off asleep and those who've awakened to the ugly realization of global corporate governance and media control, but STILL cling to the idea that, "A populist campaign can successfully transform this corporate governance"...well, they're almost certainly in for a very rude awakening. It’s pretty late in the game to change refs.

I'm kind of like an agnostic, in that while I kind of sympathize with the sleeping believers, I do not and CANNOT embrace their hatred for those who've awakened, albeit far too late. These "Right-wingers" are, for the most part, merely those who believe in individualism and human liberty and have awakened to the truth about the full weight of the threat to it today. They are actually far more aware and yes, somewhat smarter than those who've chosen to ignore the very reality they exist within.

Recently some have deflected Hillary’s role in Bill Clinton’s sexual predation. Some of them say things like, “Bill Clinton is not running for President, Hillary is. His womanizing is irrelevant and, since his heart surgery, he is but a shadow of the rascal he once was,” BUT truth be told, as I’ve said many, MANY times, “Bill Clinton's "womanizing" (is that some new euphemism for "serial rape" now-a-days?) ISN'T the issue, Hillary Clinton's (HRC's) enabling that sexual depravity AND attacking the women that Bill Clinton victimized IS.”

Personally, I am, at the least, somewhat surprised at how comfortable so many Progressives, especially the “Bernie supporters” are with HRC, because, after all, most of her support comes from Wall Street, including those “dreaded” Koch brothers (no more or less Corporatist than the likes of George Soros, or Warren Buffett), since their horse (Jeb Bush) was taken out.

I must add that Sanders was a ridiculous old fool! An avowed "socialist," once thrown off a commune for "failure to work."

Moreover, Sanders, like many of his supporters seemed to truly believe that socialism could work. In their defense, most of his supporters were naïve, young kids. He's an old fool, who should long ago have realized that no two people are "equal" and Marxism fails because compensating the orthopedic surgeon and the janitor the same/equally, results in a glut of janitors and an ultimate absence of orthopedic surgeons.

Clinton's been a lifelong ANTI-socialist "Progressive”...a "Corporatist" in every way.

Moreover, I believe she's learned from, and been chastened by Angela Merkel's great blunder and will look to attempt to carefully manage the Corporate global government that now controls the West. When Muammar Gaddafi sought to move OPEC off the U.S. Dollar and onto the gold-backed African Dinar (, Hillary dutifully supported the Western bankers “war” against Gaddafi, which resulted in his ultimate demise (they couldn’t risk bringing him to trial)...and later on, Benghazi.

The thing that’ll make THIS election interesting is that Trump and his most avid supporters aren’t going to leave quietly and flat out aren’t going away at all. In fact, that group, those who are “waking up,” is only growing. Unlike the Romney machine, they won’t accept Ohio or Florida voting precincts in which 110% or 115% of the population “vote,” they’ll fight. They’ll embarrass our elective system globally. They don’t care about our “system.” They’ll petulantly put their own view of “the truth” over everything else. EVERYTHING! That’s what makes this group interesting.

THAT part, is what’s really going to be FUN!

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