Thursday, August 18, 2016

You CAN'T Save Self Destructive People From THEMSELVES

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Milwaukee, WI Alderman Khalif Rainey

A recent study showed that at least a quarter of the people who've suffered and survived heart attacks and strokes DO NOT change their bad habits. (…/article_f30164af-2368-5cf5-8bdc-3…)

That reminded me of Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey's rationalization of Milwaukee's racist rioting in saying, "This is a warning cry. Do we continue with the inequities, the injustice, the unemployment, the under-education that creates these byproducts that we seen this evening?" (…/milwaukee-alderman-threa…/)

Fact is, Milwaukee, like most other major cities has spent far more public funds on its failing urban schools than on more successful ones.

Dept of Education Chairman Arne Duncan's $7 BILLION fund to help failing schools has failed to deliver any meaningful results with fully a third of the schools actually getting worse despite the infusion of cash!

Education is a form of self-improvement and it takes a self-improvement mindset and accepting that the burden of work MUST come from the student.

Higher Education CAN lead to a better job, but that too takes continuous WORK from that person. Accountants, physicians, attorneys, engineers and researchers ALL must engage in lifelong continued education to remain relevant.

Successful WORK isn't merely about the 60 to 70 hours per week those jobs often entail, but the added burden of continued education on top of that.

A large swath of Americans, from BOTH poor and middle class backgrounds don't seem to want to make the necessary sacrifices.

The cry from places like Milwaukee, Baltimore and Ferguson seems to be, "Fix THIS!"

No one else can fix YOU...or your community.

Baltimore complied with protester's demands for LESS policing...and the murder rate there soared to unprecedented levels.

MORE money HAS BEEN spent on our nation's failing schools...and they're STILL failing!

No, what much of this unrest seems to amount to is a "SLACKERS REVOLT." Their cry really isn't "Fix THIS," it's actually, "Just give us money to continue our wasteful lives as they are."

Like the guy who survives a heart attack and goes right back to eating poorly, smoking, drinking to excess...ALL of the things that earned him that cardiac event, the cry from these inner cities ISN'T really about improving education, schools with high levels of parent involvement always do well. Moreover, hundreds of failing urban schools have gone from failing to high-performing due to a single demographic change - an influx of Asian immigrants. Nor is the call, "Fix THIS" really about job opportunities either, There are tons of good paying mining jobs open out West. Those truly motivated for work would make the trek. No, this cry is about seeking the government to finance/enable their continued self-destruction.

Odds are, that no matter what, that enabling will indeed the detriment of us all!

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