Monday, August 15, 2016

The Conflicting Values of Multiculturalism

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RaeLynn Thomas

Stories like this are always sad.

A family member apparently embarrassed at a child's behavior does something brutal, in this case murdering 37 y/o RaeLynn Thomas.

Here's the thing though, Sharia law and Sharia's morality not only condones this, BUT mandates death for such behaviors.

Hmmmm, there's the rub, HOW does one reconcile one's multiculturalism, with its inherent respect for ALL religions, races, etc. and one's support for LGBT rights?

Sharia wouldn't be SHARIA without its criminalizing homosexuality, etc. It's a fundamental component of that moral code.

So, "Something's got to give," as they say.

I've often said that "Europe is proving multiculturalism to be an abject failure."

AND the USA is NOT an example of "how it works," as our changing demographics have not trended very well (violent crime rates rising, increasing ethnic and ideological polarization, etc.), BUT our saving grace (to date) is that at the least, those who've entered this country in great numbers have at least shared the common Judeo-Christian moral code of the West.

That's NOT been the case for Europe and its increasingly not the case in the U.S. either.

Look, bottom line, "gay rights" is a Western construct. Throughout the Muslim world...and elsewhere (most of sub-Saharan Africa and large tracts of Asia) homosexuality is criminalized and in many places subjected to the death penalty.

That's why it's so humorously hypocritical of the likes of Mark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg and others falling all over themselves to condemn North Carolina's TG bathroom law, while raking in tons of cash from nations that openly criminalize homosexuality and often condemn homosexuals to death.

Right now, the Cuban/Zuckerberg way is the way many Americans choose to deal with the inherent conflicts within multiculturalism..."We'll just ignore it, until it can't be ignored any more, then we'll address it."

NOT a very well-thought out strategy.

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