Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Something to THINK About

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I like Star Parker very much.

While I DO NOT exactly share her faith, I recognize how vital Christianity IS to the West's moral code, just as surely as Islam is vital to the Sharia moral code.

That being said, I am not optimistic about the future of "Christendom." It has already fallen in Europe and is eroding here in the USA. That is simply a reality we're all faced with.

This has NOT happened by accident. It was NOT foisted on us by rogue elements in government, nor an anti-religious media. No, it was conjured up along with the rise of the multi-national corporations. These global entities have long wanted a paved over world without borders, language, cultures, nor heritages, with a beige, homogenized global consumer class.

The first target of this "global elite" was Christianity, and they've nearly beaten that force. Next is the eradication of ALL races, cultures and heritages, starting with the white race...the group they see as the greatest threat to world hegemony.

They are winning that battle too.

One of the problems religions face now-a-days is that ALL of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are rooted in 5,000 year old books - the Torah, the Old Testament, the Talmud and all these ancient texts endorse things like wife and child beating, chattel slavery, animal sacrifices, and all manner of sexual "sins."

Those old books and that ancient morality is, for better, or for worse, completely out of step with the emerging morality of today.

Ironically enough, of ALL the Abrahamic religions, it is Islam that is most vigorously rebelling AGAINST this "modernity." It is Islam that is most adamant in defending the old ways and sanctioning the old "sins."

Ironically enough it is the largely anti-science Left, a Left comprised mostly of English, History and Humanities majors who could never "do the math," or understand the science, that has popularized the myth of "science vs religion." While few today would endorse the "man on the heavenly throne," religious view, more than half of all scientists believe in some form of deity or higher power.

As a result, CORPORATISM is winning and winning big and whether Pete Thiel's "Republicanism" is "Reaganesque," or not, it is more in step with the prevailing winds of today.

That may be sad, but it's also true.

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