Thursday, August 18, 2016

Olympic CLASS & CLASSLESSNESS: Usain Bolt vs Ryan Lochte



Jamaica's Usain Bolt is without question, the greatest sprinter ever, the "Michael Phelps of the track." In fact, Usain Bolt's winning percentage is even higher than that of Michael Phelps!

Beyond that he appears to be a stellar human being as well. Here (in the VIDEO below), he schools a reporter on showing respect for another nation's National Anthem, in this case, America's whose sprinters have ceaselessly trash talked the Jamaican "Lightening Bolt."

Look, it's one thing to talk smack IF you can back it up, but talking down an opponent and continuing to constantly lose to kind of pathetic.

THIS video shows just one reason it's so hard for people to root against Usain Bolt.

At the other end of the spectrum is American swimmer, Ryan Lochte.

Allegedly Lochte and three other American swimmers went out partying in a nearby Brazilian neighborhood earlier this week. During that period, they apparently broke a door to an outside bathroom, urinated on the ground and their cab was detained by police (( According to Brazilian authorities, they made restitution for the broken door and other vandalism and went back to the Olympic village.

Somewhere along the line, Lochte apparently came forward with a story of their being robbed at gunpoint by thugs posing as cops. Ryan Lochte also embellished himself as some sort of "hero," the only one who wouldn't get down on the ground.

Ryan Lochte left Brazil a day before a judge there ordered his passport confiscated, but the other swimmers were left behind to bear the brunt of Lochte's possible false report to law enforcement.

Today, Brazilian officials issued a statement claiming Lochte's story a fake, or HOAX (

IOC Officials have downplayed the entire incident as "Kids just being kids"....except Ryan Lochte's NOT a "kid," he's a 32 y/o adult, the alleged mentor to the 3 other younger swimmers.

So, to recap, they allegedly vandalized a gas station (a crime) even when restitution is made the CRIME still occurred and can be prosecuted.

They lied to law enforcement officials, in effect "filing a false police report," AND Ryan Lochte apparently left his three "friends" holding the bag for his reckless and irresponsible behavior.

This mutt SHOULD BE sent back to Brazil.

It's a sad day when an American Olympic veteran disgraces his country like that, as Usain Bolt of Jamaica shows far more respect for America than Americans Ryan Lochte & friends did!


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