Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oh Ireland!...



THIS is absolutely AWESOME!

Ireland mocked Olympic coverage with this bit that is absolutely hilarious! Worth watching even though it's a goof.

However, there was nothing staged about Michael Conlan's angry reaction to apparently being robbed by the Olympic Boxing judges (!

Indeed the decision seems so wrong that the Olympic Committee immediatley dropped that referee and those judges in the wake of this bout, but that's no consolation to Michael Conlan who'd come in favored to win gold. The decision, in favor of Russia's Vladimir Nikitin will stand. In true Celtic fashion, one of the judges who gave that win to the Russian was Ireland’s own Michael Gallagher. The Irish are nothing, if not contrarians and with very few "Homers" among them.

How bad did Conlan beat down Nikitin?

After that bout Nitikin could not go on to fight the Finals due to the massive cuts and facial injuries Conlan delivered in that fight (…/rio-olympics-2016-boxing-drops-som…).

Sometimes you can't make this stuff up...and other times (as with the staged boating video below) can.


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