Thursday, August 18, 2016

Government is Behind the Negative Interactions With Police

“The police work for us, don’t they?” (Eric Olsen)

No, at least not directly.

They work for the government and government (our politicians) work for theirs & our corporate masters.

That’s NOT a criticism of Corporatism, because Corporatism does indeed work.

Corporatism, like socialism and free market capitalism rely upon Law & Order. They do, because ALL “civilization” relies upon Law & Order.

It doesn’t matter that about 15% of the population supports drug legalization and opposes harsh drug sentences. Funny story, it wouldn’t matter if 85% of us believed that...the corporate masters and their political managers are certain that drug laws are necessary.

It also doesn’t matter that most people don’t understand what “resisting arrest” is. It’s NOT “struggling, fighting with police,” that’s “felony assault of a police officer,” AND given cops are armed, the person struggling/fighting with police is assumed (most often correctly, as in the case of Mike Brown of Ferguson) to be looking to take the officer’s gun, which amounts to “attempted murder of a police officer,” and THAT’S a shooting offense.

The police are not to blame. The government rightfully expects (and their corporate masters demand) that the people submit to the law and offer docile compliance with arresting officers.

The root problem is the disparate violent crime rates in America. White America’s violent crime rate is roughly equivalent to that of peaceful Belgium’s, while the black America’s crime rate is roughly equivalent to that of extremely violent El Salvador’s...and black Americans are the primary victims of black violence.

The government is at fault for making firearms law enforcement’s primary weapon.

We obviously need more immediately effective non-lethal weaponry, better, more effective Tasers & other devices that immediately render an individual completely incapacitated, so that Police can immediately render an aggressive suspect incapacitated and then easily package them for transport.

Tesla Motors has a black box that allows the owner of that vehicle to track, shut off and lock & unlock the car doors remotely from a distance. This too will soon be mandated for ALL vehicles and police will be given a virtual “master key,” effectively eliminating car chases and allowing police to lock suspects in their vehicles until their threat level can be adequately addressed.

The problem is mere mechanics and NOT “unfair laws,” or the way laws are enforced/applied.

New technologies will eradicate the current problem of “aggressive suspects fighting police,” but they won’t change violent crime rates.

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