Friday, August 19, 2016

Even More Social Justice Warrior Stupidity

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Ryan Lochte and Gabby Douglas

Ryan Lochte has been vilified more than any other Olympian, perhaps in history...and rightly so. His conduct has warranted that. He was the leader of a group of younger swimmers who allegedly vandalized a gas station bathroom and then he left the others behind to taske HIS heat (he allegedly came up with the story). For that, Lochte is a scumbag and a coward!

It’s absurd speculation, however, to suggest that, “The likes of Carmelo Anthony and other high profile black athletes would’ve been treated much worse.” Fact is, Anthony and other high profile athletes would’ve had both the coin and the connections to have made all this just go away.

The U.S. Olympic Committee would’ve almost certainly done far more for more popular athletes (Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, ANY of the NBA players) than issue a terse, half-hearted “Kids being kids” non-defense.

The SAME race-obsessed idiots lamented the SAME way when black NY Jet QB, Geno Smith got his law broken by a teammate in the Jets’ Locker Room last year and NONE of his teammates stepped up to back Smith up, when so many of them stepped up to support Smith’s replacement, white QB Ryan Fitzpatrick in his off-season contract dispute this year.

The TRUTH is Geno Smith EARNED his disrespect the same way that Ryan Fitzpatrick EARNED his respect. That’s almost ALWAYS the way it is in life.

There really is no room for “opinion” on this score. The facts speak for themselves. African-Americans have benefited from a nationwide segregation of standards (Affirmative Action’s preferences) for HALF a CENTURY now...and many continue to fail precisely because of a warped obsession with skin color.

The many whites who’ve encouraged and endorsed this “perpetual grievance industry” are, for the most part, doing that to further cripple black’s ability to compete in today’s job market via a dangerous distraction.

Like Ryan Lochte, they too, are scumbags!

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