Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Black Lives Matter Feasts on the Most Vulnerable and Dysfunctional People in Society...and That’s Pathetic

Lamont Edmondson

Lamont Edmondson made the news the other day...for threatening a cop and immediately getting arrested and remanded to a psych center for evaluation. (http://www.silive.com/…/07/psych_test_ordered_for_man_who.h…). What had Edmondson’s arrest make news was his reference to Eric Garner in doing so.

Threatening speech is criminalized in this country and since 9/11 the penalties have been ratcheted up for that crime.

If you don’t know that...that’s YOUR fault. “Ignorance is no excuse for failing to obey the law.”

Police can arrest you on mere “suspicion.”
That’s also a fact and worse yet, should the charges be subsequently dropped, it’s a VERY high bar to prove “false arrest,” as it SHOULD BE.

Merely backing away from an arresting LOE (that’s “Law Enforcement Officer”) constitutes “Resisting Arrest.” Pushing, shoving, spitting or otherwise making contact with an LOE constitutes felony assault of a police officer.

One of the things the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has done is to bring such charges to the forefront, and NOT in the way the BLM sympathizers might have hoped. Around the country, “minor resisting” arrest charges have been changed to simple “resisting arrest” and the courts are taking them much MORE seriously.

The government DOES NOT want citizens disobeying its laws, and it WILL NOT tolerate criminal suspects confronting or challenging its police.

To that end, there is a veritable “Manhattan Project” going on in the development of newer, more immediately effective non-lethal weapons that will soon allow police to basically “turn off” (render a suspect unconscious and/or immobile), allowing them to “package” and easily transport the suspect to a holding cell.

GOVERNMENT does not want its laws broken, nor its employees threatened or harmed. No government does.

I’ve long suggested that certain actions (resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, and other violent felonies) come with an immediate suspension of ALL government benefits to that individual – SSI, public assistance, section-8 housing assistance, food stamps, student loans, etc. and depending upon the outcome of the court proceedings, some, or all of these benefits may be permanently suspended for that person.

Since so many street criminals are also government dependents, it would seem to (1) be an excellent way to show such self-unaware people how dependent upon the government they really are and (2) in so doing, effectively bring such people to heel.

In perusing Mr. Edmondson’s Facebook page, he seems very much in need of serious psychiatric help. His mood swings from euphoric to morose from post to post. In that regard, he’s not too different from many others of similar inclinations, which seems to evidence that perhaps we need MORE long-term psychiatric facilities and a change in the disastrous laws that brought about the ill-fated de-institutionalization of the late 1960s and 1970s.
From Lamont Edmondson’s Facebook page:

Lamont Edmondson
April 20, 2013 ·
I'm feeling wonderful??? I'm a standard up....guy an I'm single an I'm looking for all new friends????

Lamont Edmondson
April 10, 2013 ·
Im goin though hard times where I'm on a fuck up???
I don't known where I'm real to get tha fuck out NYC??

Lamont Edmondson
April 9, 2013
I wish that life could get great then the we put up for hopefully that all we prayer for come true???cuz the shit I'm going thoughts it's crazy n this. Crazy ass world we living today's.......Amen

Lamont Edmondson
November 4, 2013

From Adam Lanza, to Jared Loughner, to James Holmes, to Micah X. Johnson, to Gavin Long, to Seung-Hui Cho, to Lamont Edmondson, they ALL show a common trend of apparent major psychiatric disorders that seem to onset in early adulthood in these males.

It’s time to address the real root problem – mental illness and STOP allowing hate groups to use these misguided souls as mere canon fodder.

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