Sunday, August 7, 2016

Arrogance and the Presidency

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A friend recently remarked, “We need an arrogant President to deal with ISIS. Obama is too nice. The DONALD is arrogant but too thin skin to be President. Vote Hilary 2016.”

My response is: No DB, arrogance is ALWAYS a flaw, NEVER a virtue. I'll admit that Trump earned some of his arrogance (“It ain’t bragging IF you can back it up,” even though no amount of arrogance is very pretty), along with his billions, but Bill and Hillary did nothing more than win a few popularity contests (elections).

Bill Clinton got into Harvard on a "geographic preference" (he was, "The smartest hillbilly in the hollers"), Hillary (gender preferences), Obama (race and national origin preferences...yes, he applied to at least Occidental College as a student from Indonesia) and yes, G W Bush (Donor Preferences)...the SAME. All of them were on the receiving end of various preference programs.

Hillary, like Obama, is wholly unable to deal with the ISIS threat. Benghazi proved that.

I don't think many Democrats really understand the actual appeal of BOTH Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders (his AIN'T "socialism”). They were BOTH "Thumbs in the eye" of our failed political class.

Sure, Bernie turned out to be a fraud...hell, he was tossed out of a commune in New Hampshire for failing to pull his weight, so who couldn't see that coming?

Trump is NOT popular because he’s widely seen as a great leader, merely because he’s NOT "one of them"...the political class.

For many, right now, that's enough.

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