Friday, July 15, 2016

WHY Do Politicians Make Such Outlandish Statements?

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At the Police Memorials in Dallas yesterday, one of the whoppers that President Barack Obama laid on the folks was, "There's something wrong when it's easier for a child to get a gun than a computer, or even a book."


That is patently false. Just as was the popularized, "There are more black men in prison than in College."

FACTS matter. These weren't impulsive, "Off the cuff" comments. These were well coiffed, deliberately penned, almost certainly WRITTEN FOR the President.

If it was a "Fact Checking" problem, than the charge is incompetence, if it was something else...then it was the most vile incendiary racial demagoguery.

Reckless and irresponsible statements like these serve only to incite and to undermine reasonable discourse. These are the very kind of statements that encourage those who are violently inclined.

So, WHY do politicians continue to make such outlandish and foolish statements.

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