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Multiculturalism Pro & Con

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We are at war now, have been for a long time. The political/ideological polarization we see all around us is just a symptom of a much larger struggle.

Many of us don’t even understand the roots of this war, but they’re old ones...very old. The reason so many of us don’t understand this is because we don’t understand our own origins.

We’re not “supposed to.”

In some ways this war, or struggle is “Old” vs “New,” as in Old World Order and New World Order, but that’s really NOT what the fight is about, at least not if you define the “Old World Order” as that of the old monarchies and their theocratic orders that ruled the world until their unraveling after World War I.

That war is over. That old world order is gone.

What we are at war over, what we are uneasy about is the future of mankind. We sense changes that we don’t understand.

Moreover, you and I aren’t in on how this future is set to unfold. We’re not important enough, but that future is planned and has been planned out for a long time.

We, ALL of us, alive today, are a rudderless bunch. We have no real connections to our past and how we got here. Therefor we have no real understanding, or respect for the cultures and heritages of our ancestors.

UNLESS we understand our origins, we cannot intelligently engage in this struggle.

If you’re at all like me, you may have grown up with an uneasy feeling that somewhere out there, are “people who know.” People who’ve planned and control all the confusing and confounding things around us.

If you’re not like me, you probably dismiss such thoughts as “wild conspiracy theories.”

To that, I can only ask, WHY?

Why do you think conspiracies are rare, or run counter to mankind’s nature?

I’d argue that EVERY human advancement, from the formation of the earliest tribes, to the development of agriculture, the creation of cities, all our wars, all of our scientific and technological advancements have been the work of conspiracies...the hidden cooperation between two or more individuals to advance something different.

Given that our entire world is founded upon one conspiracy on top of another, why is it “wild,” to consider that a young President, elected with the help of a father, once connected to the “Dutch Schultz gang,” and thus to organized crime and who used those forces to swing an election with votes from the dead, then turned his back on those who did those “favors,” undermined the Federal Reserve system by printing billions of USD in Silver Certificates, sought to shatter the burgeoning Intelligence Community and “Scatter it to the four winds,” might be assassinated, not by some “lone nut,” but more likely by an organized and active cooperation between the forces mentioned, each having their vital self-interests threatened?

For better, AND for worse, as a result of European technologies and scientific advancements, we ALL live in a Euro-centric world. That too can be said to be the result of a massive conspiracy, as well, although perhaps, given the circumstances, an inevitable one.

The multiculturalists of today come almost entirely from the educated, well-off and well-connected European “elite” (or whites/Caucasians). They believe that Asian, African and “other” cultures have already been marginalized and debased. It is NOW time for European culture to be subsumed into this “lesser” (in their eyes) Euro-centric mix. They believe, without having to articulate it, that as Dr. Walter E. Williams has said, “African-Americans (and by extension, all "others") are now culturally European.”

It should come as no surprise that people of those different (“lesser”) cultures see “racism” and bigotry everywhere. Indeed, the underpinnings of multiculturalism are rooted in Euro-supremacy (some may call it “White-Supremacy,” a term that EVERY modern self-respecting multiculturalist would reject) and the view that all “other” cultures are “lesser.

That is as undeniable as it is inherent to the multiculturalist worldview. It is not seen as Euro-Supremacist/white-supremacist by those immersed in it because the very template for the overarching culture they envision is the European model. That template is a foundation...and as such, it is unseen.

That worldview, deliberately, or not (and I say DELIBERATELY) denigrates and dismisses the indigenous cultures and heritages of “other” traditions, be they that of the Massai people of Africa, or the indigenous Americans (“Native Americans”) of the USA, but that view fails to ask the critical question, WHY would such groups evolve from their fully sustainable and earth-connected cultures, which DID NOT require massive populations to thrive? WHY are such low tech approaches less viable, less valuable simply because they’re “low tech,” when all too often, the most simple approach to any problem ultimately proves to be the best?”

BOTH the plains Indians and the sub-Saharan African cultures lacked even the early mechanics of Euro-centric man, for instance the wheel.

They DID NOT need the wheel. Plains Indians carried their things on skeds that they dragged behind them.

They didn’t even domesticate horses, the Spanish introduced that to the Americas, although they DID domesticate dogs.

Otherwise, the Plains Indians shared some basic human components with Europeans. They were tribal. They divided themselves up and fought vicious wars, tortured and enslaved their rivals, as tribes fought over encroachments onto their hunting grounds by other tribes, etc, Europe’s tribes from the Saxons and Normans (the British) to the Gauls (the French), to the Teutons (the Germanic people) all fought horrific wars over territories and wealth.

Where the European differed was in his approach to the planet. Whereas many of the indigenous peoples of the more tropical and temperate regions saw the earth as provider and sought a cooperative exchange with this “earth-mother,” Europeans, especially those of the Northern and Western regions of that area, having forged life out of a cold and inhospitable earth, saw earth as something that had to be conquered and controlled. They were at war with the world around them from the start.

However, that is also the impetus for the curiosity, the innovation and industrial nature of the European. Technology was NEEDED to forge a life in such a harsh and unforgiving region. That too is the impetus for the divergence between the European and the other indigenous peoples of the world.

With the advent of the Renaissance and later, the Industrial Revolution, technologies pushed Northern Europeans ahead of the more low-tech indigenous peoples of the warmer climates. Inevitably, when those cultures would come to clash, they’d be lopsided contests. The Spanish explorers easily conquered the indigenous peoples of South and Central America and the British did much the same around the world...UNTIL a Northern European could look across the globe and see a “Europeanized world,” a world “civilized” by the advent of European ideas and technologies, previously unseen in many of those area.

This worldview is predicated upon the idea that “different” is always “better,” or “worse” and that more technology means a better, more advanced culture.

However, DIFFERENT is NOT always “better,” or “worse,” sometimes different is merely different, BUT that, of course, is NOT the European way. We measure, we count, we partition what is “ours” and “theirs,” we constantly compare and judge...and while THAT is what has led to the technology that has conquered and shaped the entire modern world, the view that “Sometimes the simpler path is best,” has generally been overlooked and dismissed.

BUT to understand today, we must first understand ourselves, who we are...and where we came from. Most importantly, we ALL need to understand where the predominant culture, that of the Northern European came from.

Europeans originated in what is today the Ukraine. From the Urals and the Caucuses. That very early strain of human WAS indeed called Aryans.

What that group brought to the human adventure was specialization. In those early times, ALL of the members of a given tribe were prepared to fill every function. Its hunters were also its defenders (soldiers) and rulers were chosen from among the people, among the best hunters, etc.

The Aryans developed a culture which had a priestly class, a hunting class, a farming class, a warrior (soldier) class and a political class. From this also sprang a sought of “professional” class, those who’d make weapons and other equipment needed for this specialization. THIS was a very new advancement in humanity at the time and it gave that group a huge advantage when it clashed with other groups.

It’s said that about 5,000 years, or so ago these Aryans went in two directions, one group went south into what is today, India and the other went west into what is today Europe. The early dynasties of India were crumbling and the Aryans filled that vacuum, while in the Europe of that day, there was little in their way but less specialized indigenous groups. The pre-modern civilization Europeans were known as Solutreans.

In Europe, the Aryans effectively replaced the existing indigenous Europeans and in India they remade that society. The Caste system in India was a racial system, with the lighter skinned members, the Brahmins, at the top and the darker skinned peoples as “untouchables” at the bottom.

That is why to this day, Arabs and the people of India are classified as “Caucasian.” (

There have been misinformed people saying that, “The Aryans originated in India (NOT true, see above) and therefor the racialist theories of the Hitlerian Socialists were rooted in misinformation (AGAIN, wrong, as described above).

Such arguments can make us feel good about ourselves in boasting of our opposition to the Hitlerian Socialists of that day, but the fact is, the Germanic people were the most literate of Europe and the most technologically advanced. They knew and were connected to their own history and heritage.

In World War I, Germany depended upon imported oil and imported fertilizers to survive. At the time, there were no synthetic fuels or fertilizers. Bat guano (I kid you not, "bat shit") was the most potent fertilizer in existence and all of Europe’s intelligentsia worried that with mankind’s population approaching the 3 BILLION mark, believed to be the maximum number of people the earth could sustain using natural fertilizers...something (technological had to be done)...and FAST!

The most potent and abundant stores of bat guano were in the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America. Chile, Peru and Bolivia, which had a sliver of land that went to the Pacific at the time, fought a war over that resource. It was called “The War of the Pacific” and it pitted Peru and Bolivia against Chile. Chile won, annexing the coastal lands of Bolivia, land-locking that country and taking a portion of southern Peru...and all that bat guano. (

At the outbreak of WW I, Germany initially took hold of those stores, but when their fleet had to refuel, they passed the British batteries on the Falkland Islands and were Britain control of that vital resource and the expectation of a quick 6-week defeat of the Kaiser.

It didn’t work out that way.

Two German scientists, a German Lutheran named Carl Bosch and a German Jew named Fritz Haber (also known as “the father of chemical warfare" for his early work in that field) created the first synthetic fertilizer, by distilling ammonia from the air. Bosch and a team would later create the first synthetic gasoline, called “Syngas.” Those two developments enabled Germany to wage a much more sustained and brutal war against the superior number of France, England and Italy. The Russians exited that war early on, due to the revolution and the Hapsburg Empire had begun crumbling in earnest before that war. WW I proved to be one of the few times that the more technologically superior force was beaten.

I bring that up to show how the entire history of the European peoples is rooted in and connected to technology. So, it’s easy to see why they would look upon MORE technology as BETTER technology.” With that, comes a disdain for the low-tech and a marginalization of such “other” cultures, which is why instead of honoring the low-tech approaches of the various indigenous cultures and accepting that many such cultures had no more need to “evolve” (ostensibly into more technologically advanced cultures) than a shark or a Crocodile had need “evolve” – they were each, the apex predators of their words. Instead, multiculturalists argue about “the pernicious impact of colonization,” and the “overreaching shame brought about by a ‘white-supremacist’ (Euro-centric) worldview imposed on those people,” ALL of that without seeming to see that multiculturalism is the inevitable extension, even the cementing of that Euro-centric (high-tech over low-tech) worldview in place.

So, here we are, according to multiculturalists, in this “post-racial” world...and they wonder why there is so much polarization, political and ethnic unrest.

As a result of their own lack of understanding, they chalk up the unrest to “racism,” and "Dumber, less educated people clinging to cultures and heritages they have no real connection to." The first part couldn’t be more wrong, while the 2nd part is mostly right. We (including the “elites”) DO NOT have any real connections to our pasts...our cultures, heritages, races, religions.

Those who DON’T like that are NOT wrong. They may very well have a legitimate concerns and fears. We are losing, or have lost something that we cannot adequately calculate the value of.

In some ways, the black nationalists who seek a way out of this “white man’s world” and the disaffected whites now enraged at artificial organizations like the EU and the North American Union and the threatened extinction of their traditions and cultures, share similar concerns from vastly different perspectives. If whites are now BECOMING aware that they are losing something of value, people of African, Asian and other descent have felt that they’ve lost something of value without being able to precisely see what that is for a very long time. BOTH groups oppose the “paving over” of the entire world in the image and likeness of these “elite” multiculturalists, but from very different vantages.

That doesn’t mean that blacks and whites have “the same enemy,” or that all old past grievances should be forgotten. I grew up non-ethnic, though vaguely “European,” or “white.” I did not ever fully understand my Dad’s visceral Irish mistrust and dislike of “the English,” any more than I could understand his feelings about the Japanese (he’d never buy a Japanese car)...he’d been assigned to the Pacific in WW II. He never spoke about what he experienced there at all. Those were his experiences, those were his bad feelings. He earned those.

SAME for blacks in America. The feelings many of that group have toward “whites” is much more raw and deep than the 400 year old grievances held by many of the Irish over Cromwell’s attempted genocide and propagation of the Irish Slave trade.

That only highlights yet another flaw in multiculturalism. It is NOT very well thought-out and that is distressing. One of the engines of the current Trump-BREXIT uprising is driven by the FACT the “elites” just don’t appear all that “elite” to all these “other people” any more.

Beyond the fact that you cannot and morally SHOULD NOT seek to meld and merge disparate groups that hold legitimate grievances with each other, together, as it’s both morally and ethically wrong, people must be free to make their own amends, such as they will, on their own terms and on their own timeline.

Moreover, even though the traditions and cultures of the past seem somewhat disconnected, they are STILL cherished by many and NOT out of any sense of “racism,” nor “racial superiority,” but as a legitimate and much need bridge to our pasts.

The alleged “elite” have not apparently thought any of that out very well. Culture and heritage aren’t coats that can be tossed off, they are what we are. The fact that today’s “elites” didn’t seem to see any of this coming should also be distressing.

Oddly enough, today, only the East, Putin’s Russia, Jinping’s China and parts of the Muslim world oppose the West’s proposed global hegemony. That is why avowed multiculturalists, who’ve made billions from currency and commodities manipulations and see billions more coming in from a world comprised of a homogeneous consuming class, people like George Soros are now advocating the destruction of Putin’s Russia by the West. (

So, here we are in this very uncomfortable in-between state, with most of us having little or no connection to the cultures and heritages that would bind us to our pasts and being far more connected to and dependent upon modern technologies then to our cultural heritages and identities, BUT none of the elites have even thought about articulating a vision...a “New Way,” another more promising world, with a better, more unifying worldview...and the fear is that they haven’t, because they CAN’T! So, it appears as though we’ve had a massive ethnic revolution without any direction, or plan.

I don’t think like everyone else. I don’t think the way I should...and perhaps I’m wrong, about a lot of things...but perhaps I’m not, or perhaps I'm not all wrong.

I don’t care what other people think, or say. I never minded people unable to make arguments calling me a “racist,” or other derisive names.

To me, it's always been important to try and understand who we are, where we are and how we got here. Many of us are trying.

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