Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lawless “Victims" Undermine BLM Movement

James Boyd Murder in Albuquerque

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement seems intent on undermining its own message.

The FACT is, police shootings are rare.

Moreover virtually ALL use of force encounters are initiated by aggressive suspects.

Finding a suitable victim is hard, but the BLM movement was started centered around an outright LIE; "Hands UP, DON'T shoot!"

All the prevailing evidence and the bulk of the eyewitness testimony showed that Michael Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson and struggled for that cop's gun.
He was initially shot through the hand, his blood and shell casings were found INSIDE that patrol car, indicating that Michael Brown savagely attacked Officer Wilson.

Further evidence indicated that Michael Brown was then ordered to the ground, but instead charged the Officer again. Witnesses said that Officer Wilson then fired 3 times until Mr. Brown went down, but again, Michael Brown struggled to his feet and reportedly bull-rushed the squad car again, resulting in 3 more shots. The entire incident occurred in LESS than 2 minutes on August 9th, 2014.

Michael Brown was a "bad guy." His actions, attacking a police officer and struggling for that cop's gun ("Attempted Murder of a Police Officer) warranted him getting shot.

That is the "victim" that BLM, a movement organized around the principles of Assata Shakur (Black Panther Joanne Chesimard) based itself around. THAT is a huge problem...AND it is something our national media fails to report because most in the media revile law enforcement and follow the "divide and agitate" agenda of their multi-national corporation masters.

Likewise the two men shot in early July of 2016 also seem to be highly flawed "victims" themselves. In Baton Rouge, LA Alton Sterling was reportedly menacing people with a handgun according to a 911 caller. When police arrived on-scene, Mr. Sterling refused to comply with their commands and he was tased. The taser did not work effectively and Alton Sterling began struggling/fighting with police. He was shot while grappling with police on the ground his hands free and a gun in his pocket, that firearms instructors have shown could be fired through one’s pants, so long as you can reach the trigger.

In Falcon Heights, MN. according to Philando Castile's girlfriend, he told police that he was "legally armed." That was untrue, given he had no valid permit in that area. Regardless, Officer Jeronimo Yanez ordered Philando Castile to keep his hands on the steering wheel of the car. For whatever reason, Mr Castile refused to comply, his girlfriend said to "get his ID," while police suspected that he was going for his gun.
AGAIN, neither of these two men were anything close to "victims," they appear to be "aggressive suspects."
Surprisingly few cases seem to fit the profile of actual police misconduct or abuse. Two come to mind that of James Boyd ( the homeless white man shot by Albuquerque Police over his illegal camping. Two Officers were convicted of murder in that case, AND that of Walter Scott of Charleston, South Carolina who was shot after fleeing a minor traffic stop and allegedly grabbing that Officer's taser. That trial is slated for later this year.

In the aftermath, the contrast between the two major Presidential candidates couldn't be more stark. Hillary Clinton made it clear that her primary empathy is with "Black Lives Matter" and seems to agree that there is rampant police abuse, while Donald Trump has stood firmly with law enforcement, blaming the majority of these negative interactions with police on a lack of respect for police among many Americans.

Much has been made of a statement by Donald Trump saying that he saw a group, "Ask for a moment of silence, for him...for the KILLER!" That may, or may not be true. I haven't seen that myself, BUT we've all (hopefully) seen the barrage of praise for Micah Xavier Johnson. Here's a just small sampling of some of that…/

Another issue ignored in these negative interactions with police is crime rates. The FACT is that blacks and whites have very disparate crime rates. While whites and Asians have a violent crime rate similar to Belgium's, black America has a violent crime rate close to that of El Salvador, one of the most violent nations in the world.

News organs like the WaPo, the NY Times and CNN among others do a terrible disservice to black America and to this issue by ignoring the rampant violence in places like Chicago. Back in June, nearly 2 people an hour were murdered in Chicago over ONE weekend. 15 people were murdered in Brooklyn, NY last weekend (7/9 &10). Police are painfully aware of this disparity in crime rates and they act accordingly...taking more precautions when dealing with that population. Given that LESS than 1% of all police interactions involve "use of force," and less than 0.05% result in "shots fired," there appears no "plague of police violence," BUT our news media reports the issue, often BEFORE the facts are all known, as though there were.

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