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Is Multiculturalism Failing in the U.S.?

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Dallas Police Officers in mourning

In recent years we’ve seen the abject failure of “multiculturalism” in Europe (the "Rape of Cologne" etc…/…/Cologne-sex-attacks-list-crimes). Much of that has been blamed on “religious differences,” specifically the incompatibility of Sharia morality with the West’s moral code.

THAT is certainly a major factor in the failure of “multiculturalism” in that region, BUT the United States has itself embarked on a much more expansive “multicultural” agenda over the past half century.

America is becoming more Hispanic, more Asian and less black then it was 60 years ago. While the number of whites is remaining steady/static, their percentage of this increasingly multicultural society is declining, as the percentages of Asians and Hispanics climb. There have been few, if any religious/moral differences between any of those groups.

Recent events from this week, highlight WHY so many of us misconstrue America’s “multicultural” agenda in terms of this nation’s traditional black/white narrative.

In fact, blacks have been the group most harmed by America’s focus on “multiculturalism” over the past 50 years. Over that period, African-Americans, now 12% of the population have been having 37% of all abortions nationwide. Since 1976, Americans of African descent have committed over 50% of all homicides nationwide, resulting in homicide being the #1 cause of death for black males aged 16 to 36. All of that amounts to a virtual suicide of that group. No one has forced or fostered that suicide, it is entirely self-inflicted. Today, nearly 1 in 3 persons of African-descent in the United States is of African or Caribbean immigrant origins.

Moreover, the media has fed into the misguided narrative that focuses on black/white violence, when, in fact that has little, if anything to do with the plague of violence that has beset the country.

In mid-May 49 people (virtually all of them black) were gunned down over a single weekend in Chicago! That didn’t make a blip on the national media, because it did not fit their chosen narrative.

The Black Lives Matter folks should know that (1) the mass media doesn’t care about you – they DO NOT really support your narrative and (2) they are more than willing, in the wake of attacks upon police to immediately turn around and scapegoat you (see CNN and other national news sources) for ratings.

For whatever reason, despite the fact that police kill far more whites than blacks each year, our national media has fed into a pernicious “black vs white” narrative.

It’s as though they’re engaged in proving those like myself, who question both the efficacy and sustainability of “multiculturalism” correct.

In the initial aftermath of the Philando Castile shooting, it has NOT been widely reported that he may have been a member of a violent street gang (the Crips) and a suspect in a recent armed robbery (…/the-curious-case-of…/), while in Baton Rouge, it has been sparsely reported that (1) a 911 caller reported being threatened with a gun by Alton Sterling, who was indeed armed at the time of his arrest, (2) that Mr. Sterling was tased and failed to go down when approached by police. In both cases, why police officers felt they had to shoot the suspects has to and IS BEING fully investigated. In MN, Philando Castile was inside his car when officer Jeronimo Yanez (…/316609-minnesota-cop-jeronimo-yan…) allegedly fired upon Mr. Castile, while in Baton Rouge, two police officers seemed to have Alton Sterling on the ground and apparently under control when he was shot.

Even IF Mr. Castile was a gang member and a suspect in an armed robbery, those suspicions do not warrant the death penalty. DID he reach for his allegedly licensed gun, or DID Officer Yanez believe that Mr. Castile was reaching for that gun? That will presumably come out in the investigation.

Baton Rouge police seem to have a much higher hurdle to cross, given that video seems to show two police officers having Mr. Sterling on the ground when he was shot. Contrary to an apparently widespread misinformed belief, one often fueled by misguided media reports, law enforcement IS held accountable for their misconduct. In most places, even small infractions (not having your hat on in a photo) result in Departmental charges.

In any event, it should be obvious that even those rare cases of police misconduct do not warrant personal attacks on law enforcement.

Police are NOT there to listen to a suspect’s grievances, or hear any evidence as to why that arrestee may be innocent. They are legally bound to bring in suspects to the court system. The courts are an individual’s ONLY outlet for defense.

Even if charges are eventually dropped, an arrest is NOT necessarily “false,” or “unjust.” The burden of proof is HIGH for “false arrest” and it SHOULD BE. One has to prove that (1) the officer knew you were innocent and (2) maliciously arrested you.

We DO need to give police better tools for effecting arrests. Tesla Motors already has built-in car tracking, as well as the ability to remotely shut down a given car and lock the occupants in that car via the onboard computer. That should be mandated on ALL vehicles, effectively ending the need for police chases. Beyond that, we need a much more effective array of non-lethal weaponry, from incredibly fast-acting tranquilizers to better incapacitating tasers. The moment any suspect ceases to cooperate and comply with law enforcement, they should be immediately incapacitated and packaged before being sent to holding, where it will be assessed whether their next stop is jail or a psychiatric evaluation.

Additionally, we HAVE TO begin taking mental illness much more seriously. The litany of recent mass murders by mentally ill/emotionally disturbed individuals, from Adam Lanza (…/disturbing-things-learned-to…/story…), to James Holmes (…/doctor-who-found-james-holmes-sane…) to Jared Loughner (…/jared-lee-loughner-grew-delusiona…/) to Dylann Roof (…), to Seung-Hui Cho (…/seung-hui-chos-mental-health…/story…) to this guy, Micah Xavier Johnson (…/micah-xavier-x-johnson-dallas-police-sh…/) another loner, living at home with his mother and reportedly becoming more reclusive in recent months, is staggering.

Sad to stay, regardless of the mental state of Micah Xavier Johnson, the incredible level of mistrust and polarization between various ethnic communities that has long existed, all too often fueled by media reports that seem to deliberately fuel those divisions, bring into question whether “multiculturalism” can actually work.

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