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In Distancing Itself FROM Micah Xavier Johnson Black Lives Matter May Well Be DELEGITIMIZING Itself!

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Micah Xavier Johnson - Dallas Police Assassin

In the aftermath of Friday's carnage, virtually EVERYONE involved in Black Lives Matter (BLM) sought to distance themselves from the police assassin Micah X. Johnson. Sure, there were a few who celebrated as individuals ( and there was THIS guy, "Reverend" Jeff Hood (allegedly financed by George Soros) who became the odd "face of the Dallas BLM protests (

BUT, the truth is that the in distancing the movement from Micah Xavier Johnson, whose personal “Manifesto” reads very close to John Metta’s thoughts in “I, Racist” ( they distance themselves from those grievances, be they legitimate, or not.

The dilemma here is that while BLM is predicated on the perspective precisely enunciated by John Metta and patterned by the late Micah X. Johnson, in by distancing themselves from the person of Micah X. Johnson, they also distance themselves from the crux of their own movement and from those clearly enunciated grievances.

John Metta’s piece, in particular, is a well-framed attack on the entire basis of multiculturalism and a support for inevitable separatism. He speaks of a white Aunt of his; She’s actually my favorite aunt, and believe me, I have a lot of awesome aunts to choose from. But the facts are actually quite in my sister’s favor on this one.

“New York State is one of the most segregated states in the country. Buffalo, New York, where my aunt lives, is one of the 10 most segregated school systems in the country. The racial inequality of the area she inhabits is so bad that it has been the subject of reports by the Civil Rights Action Network and the NAACP.

“Those, however, are facts that my aunt does not need to know. She does not need to live with the racial segregation and oppression of her home.

“As a white person with upward mobility, she has continued to improve her situation. She moved out of the area I grew up in– she moved to an area with better schools. She doesn't have to experience racism, and so
it is not real to her.

“Nor does it dawn on her that the very fact that she moved away from an increasingly Black neighborhood to live in a White suburb might itself be a aspect of racism. She doesn't need to realize that “better schools” exclusively means “whiter schools.”

(My Note: In most locales, significantly more money is spent on inner city/predominantly black schools than on suburban schools. More problematic STILL for those who cling to this inane idea that “whites have short-changed blacks on education,” is the fact that numerous failing inner city schools transformed themselves virtually overnight when the areas became predominantly Asian. SAME books, SAME teachers, SAME buildings. The ONLY difference was the clientele.)

“I don’t talk about race with White people because I have so often seen it go nowhere. When I was younger, I thought it was because all white people are racist. Recently, I've begun to understand that it’s more nuanced than that.

“To understand, you have to know that Black people think in terms of Black people.”

(My Note: Funny story, THAT is the way of the world. The author supposes that Asians don’t “think in terms of other Asians,” because he’d prefer they think in terms of “people of color.” They DON’T! They don’t think in those terms and whites, while NOT always “thinking in terms of whites,” very much DO think in terms of their own groups. Germans think in terms of Germans and English in terms of English, and so on. However, THAT’S about as effective an indictment of multiculturalism that can be articulated. I’ll give John Metta that.)

And later makes the point more clear that, ...racism is even more subtle than that. It’s more nuanced. Racism is the fact that “White” means “normal” and that anything else is different. Racism is our acceptance of an all white Lord of the Rings cast because of “historical accuracy,” ignoring the fact that this is a world with an entirely fictionalized history.

“Even when we make shit up, we want it to be white.

“And racism is the fact that we all accept that it is white. Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan in Star Trek. Khan, who is from India.

“Is there anyone Whiter than Benedict fucking Cumberbatch? What?

“They needed a “less racial” cast because they already had the Black Uhura character?

“That is racism. Once you let yourself see it, it’s there all the time...”

“...The reality of America is that White people are fundamentally good, and so when a white person commits a crime, it is a sign that they, as an individual, are bad. Their actions as a person are not indicative of any broader social construct. Even the fact that America has a growing number of violent hate groups, populated mostly by white men, and that nearly *all* serial killers are white men cannot shadow the fundamental truth of white male goodness. In fact, we like White serial killers so much, we make mini-series about them.”

(***My Note: WHY do all black bigots spout this SAME old tired LIE? It’s been proven wrong so many times. Here goes again; Here’s an abbreviated list of nearly 60 black serial killers)

He ends with, White people are in a position of power in this country because of racism. The question is: Are they brave enough to use that power to speak against the system that gave it to them?”

(My Notes: AGAIN, that too, is fundamentally, historically and factually wrong in virtually EVERY WAY. How can I put this as gingerly and politely as possible, given how race and ethnicity are such touchy subjects? Look, “whites are in a position of power across the contemporary world” because...well, because they pretty much invented the modern world.

Look it up, no other group outside of Europeans contributed much at all to the Industrial Revolution. And it’s NOT because, “There weren’t any people of African descent in England and Germany at the time.” IF the Germans had populated what is now the Congo and the Congolese populated Germany, then the Congo of German-descent would’ve been one of the centers of the Industrial Revolution and what is today Germany of Congolese-descent would’ve been living in their current squalid, subsistence state.

It’s the PEOPLE, not the GEOGRAPHY that has led to human advancement.

Moreover, from that Industrial Revolution stemmed the modern Information Age and the BioTech Revolution that is just getting under way. The Europeans, in effect, created the modern world, as we know it; cars, computers, etc. They, the Europeans (“Whites”) dragged the rest of the world, sometimes kicking and screaming, into this new civilization along with them).

TODAY, in the USA, most blacks have no connection with Africa, or African culture. In fact the ancient cultures of the Africans, Asians, American Indians, Celts, Turks, Vikings, Persians and Huns are all gone. They're dead cultures now because the Industrial Revolution sealed modern man off from those "root cultures."

Today, the vast majority of Americans are of some form of mixed descent. My mother's side of the fgamily has had some Jewish ancestors and some relatives still living in Chile to this day. AND, as Dr. Walter E. Williams has presciently said, "TODAY, American blacks are entirely culturally European, We've been raised in a European-based culture, with a European system of laws, we speak a European language and surrounded and immersed in a primarily European arts and enterainment culture."

Moreover, even IF those old cultures had real value, and I've suggested they might, in suggesting that our Industrialized world was simply one of many possibilities and that often the simplest path works best. Those earlier and now defunct cultures were closer to the earth and simpler for man to live in...but we've ALL made our choices. YES, even if, for some of us, those choices were kind of "foisted upon" our antecedents. What's done.

IF the distancing themselves from Micah Xavier Johnson also distances Black Lives Matter from the ideology professed by John Metta, perhaps that could be a good thing, at least in terms of the efficacy of multiculturalism, because if we are all to accept the verdict of John Metta’s well-written piece, the ONLY conclusion is that multiculturalism has utterly failed and ethnic/racial separatism is the ONLY answer.

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