Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm GLAD That Donald Trump is Vetting Retired General Michael Flynn

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Retired General Michael Flynn

BOTH GOPe Trump-haters, like Bill Kristol and national media dolts like James HOHmann (couldn't help but notice the "hoh") are looking to make hay out of possible Trump VP choice retired General Michael Flynn.

Well, Trump never promised to be anti-abortion. He's never been before. That's NOT an issue right now. It IS "the law of the land."

Funny story, neither has William Kristo, George Will, nor most of the rest of the media lapdogs of the GOPe really all that anti-abortion.

So, all these diehard pro-abortionists are rallying, "Did you hear?! Donald Trump may pick a pro-Choice Veep?"

THIS is why most of America wants the GOP dead! Disgusting media maggots like Will, Krauthammer, Kristol, Erickson, along with THEIR brand of "Republican" - the Lindsay Graham's, the John McCain's, the Bush's (Country Clubbers ALL and "Moderate"/Leftist to their cores) are everything that's wrogn about the GOP.

In some ways, I'm hoping that the GOPe shits the bed with its "Dump Trump" Convention strategy. IF they succeed, they'll make the Libertarian Party the 2nd Major Party in the USA!

In fact, IF they succeed in scuttling Trump, they may succeed in putting Gary Johnson in the White House! WoW! They WILL without question succeed in turning OUT all the existing political hacks that now occupy the GOPe.

NO ONE wants them any more...NO ONE believes they NEED them, either. And it wouldn't be at all bad if new blood...Libertarian blood were brought into the process replacing the tired old GOPe.

Trump is NOT "establishment" GOP.

He's NOT even "down the line Conservative."

He IS Independent and he IS opposed to the status quo corruption in BOTH major Parties.

He IS a guy who "Gets things done."

For me, right here, right now, there's no question that between HRC and Trump...I'd choose Trump.

The ONLY downside with that, is that ultimately the GOPe lives on...at least for awhile.

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