Friday, July 15, 2016


I saw this sad article about a mother who killed her infant son, because she, "Just didn't want him any more," linked to an anti-abortion message, but THIS ain't's infanticide. (…/mom-who-killed-her-11-month-old-…/)

Look, I support abortion-on-demand, at least through the 20th week, when a child can survive outside the womb.

I KNOW lots of people disagree with that...and I respect that. We're all entitled to our own opinions/views.

Here's why I support abortion in a nutshell....I'd rather NOT see a young mired unable to finish school, pursue a promising career and wind up mired in poverty and dysfunction because some guy won't shoulder HIS share of the responsibilities.

I'd rather see a fetus aborted than a child consigned to poverty, dysfunction, abuse and neglect.

THIS woman (Nicole Kelly) precisely proves my point.

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