Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Former Miss Alabama (Kalyn Chapman James) Suspended From Her Miami News Anchor Job Over Facebook Post

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Kalyn Chapman James

After posting this video to Facebook: Kalyn Chapman James was suspended from her anchor job on Miami's WPBT2 TV.

First, as much as I disagree with those sentiments, they are protected (from government sanction, or criminalization) by the 1st Amendment. Of course, the 1st Amendment DOES NOT protect people from actions by private employers who wish to distance themselves from such sentiments.

Personally, I think it's important that such sentiments be heard.

There IS a lot of misunderstanding over this issue, on all sides.

Blacks and whites DO often seem to tend to view the SAME incidents through different prisms.

Often our immediate reactions are later altered or tempered by additional facts.

I DON'T like the idea of punishing people for unpopular, or even poorly articulated views. Such things SHOULD BE "teachable moments," chances for people to question and come to a better understanding of each other and each other's views.

We see this tendency for impulsive bloviating in this election cycle, as Donald Trump often "fires off the cuff" and later amends his earlier remarks as more information is made available. THAT is extremely NON-political, but it's also proven very appealing to many people sick of the sappy, saccharin and often hollow platitudes of professional politicians.

In the wake of the aftermath of that video, Ms. James posted this clarification:

While I'm troubled about Ms James being punished for some heart-felt, albeit poorly framed ideas, I am much more concerned that there are apparently decent, law abiding people who see guys like Michael Brown, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile as "good guys," ignoring their illicit aggression toward police.

That's a problem...a very DEEP moral problem. I believe that that moral chasm must be breached before any other problems related to it can be addressed.

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