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Dangerously Dumb Americans

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Durham's Jillian Johnson

You CAN'T get silk from a sow's ear," goes the old saying...and it's true.

You CANNOT educate stupidity out of an individual. Education is an antidote to ignorance (lack of facts) NOT stupidity (the inability to process facts).

YES, Leftists seem to suffer to a disproportionate degree from an inability to process facts correctly. That's probably because Leftism is almost entirely rooted in "emotional thinking."

Recently a Durham, N.C. Councilwoman, Jillian Johnson proved that by posting, "I am all about keeping guns away from dangerous people, but I feel like more of us should be pointing out that the most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers, and that the no-fly list and FBI anti-terror efforts are seriously corrupted by entrapment, racial profiling and Islamophobia." (…/durham-councilwoman-clarifies-p…/1396319/)

"Dumber than dogsh*t," as they say.

BUT, it gets better...or worse, as she posted her "clarification."

"I believe that state-sanctioned violence causes more harm, and is therefore more dangerous, than non state-sanctioned violence. I believe this is true both because the approval of those in authority and often the general public gives a veneer of acceptability to actions we would otherwise condemn, but also because states have the capacity to spend huge resources equipping and funding people to use force in defense of their interests. The US spends as much on our military as all other countries combined. We have the highest police homicide rates in the developed world and we incarcerate 25% of the world's prisoners. We should not ignore these facts, or wrongly assume that those who believe that this situation is fundamentally unjust and should not continue are harboring a hatred for police and soldiers. I certainly find a great many of the actions taken by militaries (sic) and police forces here in the US and around the world extremely troubling, and I also respect the humanity of those who do not share this disagreement."

This woman actually thinks her initial anti-cop statements were somehow misconstrued and doubles down on the STUPIDITY that "state sanctioned violence causes more harm than non-state sanctioned violence (ie. violent crime)."

In short, Jillian Johnson sees the lynching of blacks and other groups to be much LESS egregious than a cop shooting a lyncher!

"THAT," as they say, "is one dumb muddafucka!"

FACT is, like it or not, 8 of the 10 nations with the lowest murder rates are Muslim countries where grisly punishments (beheadings, etc) are ritually carried out in the public square.

So, while Jillian Johnson may sympathize with violent thugs...the FACTS are NOT on her side.

In another example of stupidity, Judge Aaron Persky, who sentenced young Brock Turner to a measly 3 months in jail (the 6 month sentence will be reduced to half with "good behavior"....I sure hope none of the other inmates fall asleep when Brock's around) is now the subject of a statewide recall that garnered over 2 MILLION signatures on a petition after that verdict. (…/recall-effort-launched-against-jud…)

There's no rational way that Aaron Persky should've been able to sympathize with Brock Turner...a guy who raped an unconscious woman he came across after a "party." Again, there are ONLY 3 possible ways to react to coming across an unconscious person; the ONLY human way to react is to help, if only by calling 911, the less humane, but relatively value-neutral way to react is to do nothing...and step over them. The most inhuman and disgusting reaction is to "vulture" that person...rob, or otherwise abuse them in that state of distress.

Young Brock SHOULD'VE been stoned to death....just saying.

In yet another example of gross stupidity is the flawed prosecutions being conducted by Baltimore's DA Marilyn Mosby, who wantonly overcharged the six cops involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray.

Now, a local law professor is calling for her disbarment (…/bs-md-ci-mosby-attorney-griev…) and the fact that the entire case seems based on little, if any supporting evidence (apparently Ms. Mosby slept through that evidence class at law school) doesn't help Ms. Mosby's chances in such a hearing.

So far, 3 of the 6 cases have resulted in no convictions!

In the case of Jillian Johnson, there seems to be a blatant inability to process FACTS adequately.

In the cases of Marilyn Mosby and Aaron Persky, it seems to be a lack of common sense. Mosby graduated from Tuskeegee University and Aaron Persky graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University in 1984 with a bachelor's degree in international relations, also earning a master's degree in international policy studies from Stanford in 1985. He graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Law in 1990.

A lack of common sense often renders a high intellect functionally useless, or worse, dangerous.

This is an ongoing plague that seems to be effecting America.

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