Friday, July 15, 2016

A Troubling Story Out of North Carolina...

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The header reads: "North Carolina Deputies Harassed, Served Tampered Food at Fast Food Restaurant." (…/north-carolina-deputies-…/)

The story recounts how two North Carolina deputies were allegedly taunted and served tampered food at a Zaxby’s restaurant employees in North Carolina.

Their Captain Joel Shores said the police force reached out to the restaurant.

A local News affiliate WNCN reported:
"The sheriff of Cleveland County says his deputies were taunted by employees and served tampered food at a fast food restaurant while taking a lunch break in their uniforms.

"Sheriff Alan Norman confirmed the accusations to WBTV after a post was made online by the wife of a deputy.

“As they walked up to place their orders, the boys in the back cooking the food started yelling at them and calling them names,” she wrote about her husband’s trip to the Zaxby’s restaurant in Shelby.

She said her husband and his partner, who were both on duty and in their uniform, ignored the insults and continued ordering.

“Then, as they sat down to eat their food, my husband realized [they] had put the hottest sauce possible on [his] wings – to the point where his food wasn’t even fit to eat,” she continued."

VERY troubling...

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