Saturday, February 20, 2016

THIS is WHY I Continue to Find Myself Unable to Vote for Any Democrat for National Office....Hillary's and Bernie's Base and Disingenuous Pandering

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Hillary Clinton - BLM Panderer

I wish it weren't so...but sadly it is.

On February 12th, Christopher Marquez, a decorated war hero, recipient of the Bronze Star, was attacked by a group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters and advocates. Incidents like this kind of make the point I've been making for the past two years, that the BLM movement is, in actuality, a "Thug's Union." (SEE:…/black-lives-matter-g…/).

Meanwhile, in that very same month, Vincent Broughten was caught red-handed putting up racist flyers in an obvious racial hoax incident (See:…/culprit-caught-putting-up-raci…/), similar to another hoax, allegedly perpetrated by Gary Nathaniel Moore (SEE:…/muslim-accused-burning-houston-…/) who is charged with arson in the buring of a Houston Mosque he attended...and to yet another racial hoax allegedly perpetrated by a Kean University student Kayla-Simone McKelvey (…/12/arrest_made_in_kean_twitter_threat.h…) last November!

Nor are such hoaxes at all rare (

There's certainly a major problem with racial bigotry and intolerance in this country, just NOT the one that Hillary Clinton and the BLM crew fantasize about...

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FIREBIRD said...

This is the club that Donald Trump, or whomever is the Republican candidate, can use to destroy Hillary - if they aren't too afraid of being called sexists..... and frankly I'm not sure any of them have the guts.

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