Thursday, February 18, 2016


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Hillary Clinton

This is the kind of pandering that endangers law enforcement and emboldens violent thugs. (…/hillary-clinton-black-ki…/)

But it WORKS!

Polarizing people and dividing the electorate always works.

How well does it work?

In the wake of a huge New Hampshire Primary win last night, Bernie Sanders is meeting with...Al Sharpton's Action Network, today.


Because Democratic politicians steadfastly believe that polarizing figures, like Sharpton, backed by a friendly, overwhelmingly liberal/Democrat media (over 85% of the people in America's national media are registered Democrats) will reliably "deliver the votes," even when the panderer, has no intention of doing anything substantive for those voters. They rarely do.

The Clinton's have a dicey history surrounding women's issues (Bill Clinton's predatory ways, aided and abetted by Hillary) and racial issues - Bill Clinton's singular achievement on the "race front," during his Presidency was pushing a Bill that resulted in an explosion of mass incarceration. A Bill supported by the Congressional Black Caucus at the time.

What's worse this time around is the legitimizing of a veritable Thug's Union (the "Black Lives Matter movement) by allegedly mainstream politicians, Left and Right.

For many people, voting is a purely emotional act and that's why such emotional appeals tend to work.

But make no mistake, the are inciteful and very dangerous to the nation's law enforcement. 

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