Monday, January 18, 2016

THIS is WHY Conservatives and Traditionalists Should Revile the GOP

GOP primary 2
RINO vs Elephant

I've long said that, "The GOP is NOT a proper vehicle for Conservatism."

The only reason I'd say that is's NOT!

I don't know whether Trump is a Conservative, or not. He has supported abortion-on-demand.

I do too, so that's no big deal to me. The reason I support abortion-on-demand and even mandated birth control for ALL those on public assistance is because I believe that, "An unwilling, or incompetent parent (anyone who cannot take care of themselves are, at least at that time, fiscally incompetent) is also a UNFIT parent, a least so long as they are unwilling &/or incompetent."

But that's just me. Others will have to make up their own minds.

ONE thing no one has to "make up their own minds about" is how BOTH major Parties have been used to blunt the agendas of their chosen "Special Interests." Democrats have done it with blacks and, to some extent, with women, while the GOP has done the SAME thing to Conservatives, Traditionalists and Libertarians.

Even under the allegedly "Evangelical" G W Bush, with a GOP Congress, they COULD NOT, or would not not bring themselves to push for the overturning of Roe v Wade and ALL that would've done would be to send abortion legislation back to the individual states, where virtually every state (some say "save Alabama, Mississippi and Utah," but I have my doubts about them even being able to ban it in those places) would protect those rights.

If anything, it'd make the anti-abortion fight much harder (more diffuse) and more expensive for the pro-Life forces.

BUT still, even despite all that, G. W. Bush and company wouldn't push to get Roe overturned.

BOTH of the major Parties function to blunt the courser impulses and demands of their chosen special interests...often to the good, but, often to the bad, as well.

Here's a fascinating peak into the machinations of the GOP's inner sanctum - it's controlling establishment. Here the leading RNC operatives discuss undermining Donald Trump at all costs.

I'll admit, I was never a very enthusiastic Trump supporter. I acknowledge that he's often NOT been at all Conservative. He's boisterous and blustery...BUT the corporately controlled Democrat AND Republican Parties hate (and possibly fear) him, as does our corporately controlled national media.

For me...that's GOOD ENOUGH for now. The long list of the sins of our corporately controlled media-academia-political class is fodder for another day.

For least for now...anyone reviled by our corporately controlled media-academia-political sphere is at least OK by me.

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FIREBIRD said...

Two thoughts on your post..... first, I'm for Trump because no one owns him, and I would vote for him at this point no matter what party he is in....

Secondly - the only thing that will fix our government is term limits - one term for senators and three for the House.. and 8 years max for anyone who might be in the House and run/win for a Senate seat or vice versa. And NO GOVERNMENT RETIREMENT would come with any congressional office.

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