Friday, December 11, 2015

Why I Revile Robert L. Dear...

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Is THIS the face of the DYSGENICS (Anti-Abortion) Movement?

Robert Lewis Dear, the deranged kook who shot up a Colorado Planned Parenthood center, seems to be simultaneously playing the “Mental Defect” card and the “Crusader for Innocent Children” card. (

It’s hard to figure out which one is more absurd.

Yes, there’s little doubt that Robert L. Dear is mentally/emotionally imbalanced, but the legal bar for culpability is much higher than that. Dear is faced with having to prove that he, "Didn’t know right from wrong," and that’s a bar the courts rightly set pretty high. You virtually have to be a severely mentally impaired person (think "Rain Man") to come close to reaching it...and rightly so.

Which is probably why he’s also playing the “martyr for the innocent unborn” angle as well.

I have no sympathy for this.

I am NOT a “religious Conservative.”

I am NOT at all religious, though I am “spiritual,” in that I believe in a Creator.

I also support abortion-on-demand because in my view, “An UNWILLING parent is also an UNFIT one, at least at that time.” It’s NOT about “choice,” and people “doing whatever they please.” I DO NOT support or believe in THAT!

I DO believe that Margaret Sanger a racialist and eugenicist was...mostly right.

That’s why I don’t find much agreement with those who also support abortion-on-demand. YES, even though it disproportionately impacts the poor, abortion-on-demand alone doesn’t go nearly far enough to avert an inevitable dysgenic catastrophe. Anyone who truly supports Sanger’s vision would/must also support and insist upon mandatory birth control for ALL those on public assistance (welfare) regardless of race, creed, national origin, etc., BUT most don’t!

So I believe that Robert L. Dear is not merely a “dangerous fanatic,” but one who’s ideology is destructive to any kind of workable social order.

Nietzsche said, “If you’re not engaged in eugenics, then you’re engaged in dysgenics,” which is 100% right. If we’re NOT talking steps to limit the poor and dysfunctional, we’re actively taking step to increase their number...and that’s national suicide.

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