Sunday, December 6, 2015

WHAT'S With the NY Daily News?

Pathetic NY Daily News cartoon

Did everyone at the NY Daily News suddenly come down with severe brain damage?

Were they all collectively beaten with the proverbial "Stupid Stick?"

They were among the first to call the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter a "terrorist," he was not. He was not a part of any organized group...and YES, terrorism is, by definition, violent activity carried out by an organization or group, often "State sponsored," as in Islamic jihadism.

They are also consistently among the first to blame guns for the actions of deranged people, be they kooks, or various TERRORISTS, mostly Islamic jihadists, or other assorted "god botherers." (

Today (Friday, December 4th, 2015) they slimed a San Bernardino victim of jihadist terrorism (that's actual terrorism, NOT some lone nut) Nicholas Thalasinos for (GULP!) supporting every American's sacred DUTY to self defense...and the NRA, a group devoted to protecting that duty, which is also a Natural Right. (

WHY does the NY Daily News insist on getting this issue so dangerously and yes...stupidly wrong?

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