Monday, December 7, 2015

The Terrible PRICE of “Political Correctness”

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

THIS is how cowed by inane political correctness America has become, in numerous reports that at least according to one man, a female neighbor saw what was going on and declined to call police because she didn't want to "profile" the Muslim couple. 
"She was kinda suspicious and wanted to report it. But she didn't want to profile," said Aaron Elswick. (

But that’s NOT the focus of our muddled DoJ, as demonstrated when Attorney General Loretta Lynch, while speaking to a Muslim advocacy group on Thursday, urged the parents of Muslim parents to contact the Justice Department and the Department of Education if their children are bullied at school.

AG Lynch said, “Other areas in which we are seeing growing areas of concern...specifically involve our children, and the issues of bullying and the schools.” ( GREAT! So, while Americans wory about offending Muslim sensibilities, Attorney General Lynch is focused on....anti-Muslim bullying.

Yeah, that sounds like the right approach to combating jihadist least if you DON’T REALLY WANT TO combat jihadist terrorism.

Before terrorism can be defeated political correctness must be eradicated and there’s no sign that we’re at all serious about combating that.

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