Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Profound Anti-1st Amendment Hatred of Linda Stasi & Her NY Daily News Editors

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Linda Stasi of the NY Daily News

Apparently Linda Stasi is unable to distinguish between those who say disagreeable things (that’s NOT “hate,” even in the case of Nazis and their allies – Arab Muslim jihadists) and those who’d murder in the name of ideology. (

The 1st Amendment protects ALL ideologies from the small-minded and bigoted sanctions of those like Stasi, who seem to feel that ONLY “some views,” or just “acceptable views” are worthy of such protections. So, in her mind, Nicholas Thalasinos is equivalent to Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

I’ve worked with a number of “Born Again” Christians and I've met a few Messianic Jews and never had any of them look to deny my right to disagree with them, which I do, BUT, of course, I also acknowledge that ALL views must be respected...not merely tolerated, but treated with some degree of respect.

Personally, I’ve always found the Communist view far more dangerous and hateful than the nazi view, although that's merely a matter of degree. The Russian “Red Army,” as reported by the great Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, committed atrocities far worse than those committed by the nazis and what’s more killed far more civilians than their nazi counterparts did, BUT I accept that it’s never appropriate to criminalize or threaten others over their views.

There were no reported threats from Thalasinos, so there was no way that even a “heated exchange” between Thalasinos and Farook could’ve triggered that subsequent violence. This was a well-planned and well thought out terrorist attack. Weapons were stockpiled and the date of that workplace “Christmas” party circled by the two terrorists.

We’ve got to get these people who consistently blame rape and murder victims for the actions of their attackers based on “what she was wearing,” or “what he believed, or didn’t believe” OUT of our media. America deserves better than this.

While all views have a right to be expressed, NONE have a right to a national outlet.

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