Friday, December 11, 2015

Is THIS Where NON-Judgmentalism and Elevating Victim’s Status Leads?

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Jewel Shuping - after self-inflicted blindness

I remember reading about Jewel Shuping a couple of months back and her absurd story has stayed with me, haunting me, ever since. (

Apparently Jewel Shuping, of North Carolina, said she was diagnosed with Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a psychological condition where healthy people believe they are meant to be disabled.

Ms. Shuping said that her fascination with blindness began when she was about 6 years old, claiming, “By the time I was six I remember that thinking about being blind made me feel comfortable,” she told Barcroft TV.

As a teen Shuping said she began wearing thick, black sunglasses and walking with a cane. By the age of 20, she was even fluent in braille.

In 2006, Ms. Shuping said she found a psychologist willing to pour drain cleaner in her eyes to help her fulfill her wish to become blind. The psychologist reportedly first poured numbing eye drops into each of Ms. Shuping’s eyes, followed by two drops of drain cleaner.

Ms. Shuping told the agency the process was extremely painful and that took around six months for the damage to fully take effect.

Shuping’s mother and sister are no longer speaking to her.

“I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth,” Shuping said. “When there’s nobody around you who feels the same way, you start to think that you’re crazy. But I don’t think I’m crazy, I just have a disorder.”

No, take it from me Jewel, you’re crazy alright!...AND so’s the “psychologist” who blinded you!

The psychologist was not named and it is not known if they are facing prosecution. Well, that “psychologist” SHOULD BE prosecuted and Ms. Shuping SHOULD’VE been given therapy to correct her condition...NOT embrace it.

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