Monday, December 7, 2015

Brian Stelter Gets THUMPED by Trump Spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson



Why do folks like Brian Stelter (former NY Times writer, now host of CNN's Media Buzz) invite such ass kickings?

Stelter starts out with the question, "Explain to me what people like me in the media don't understand about Donald Trump? What don't we get?"

Here, Brian Stelter acts as if America's corporate media, one that is highly filtered and designed to deliver "the Corporate view" on all things, is really on the level.

THAT is what Brian Stelter and his ilk don't get. A vast and increasing portion of the populace DON'T trust the media, even if they don't believe it's entirely Corporatist, or can't exactly put their finger on what they don't like about it.

They KNOW the media is mostly peopled by Left-wing ideologues, mostly leaning Democratic. They know that in 2008 and 2012 this media virtually campaigned for Barack Obama...before that, many of them engaged in and fueled what was commonly called Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Our national media is many things, "honest" and "unbiased" are NOT among them.

So, you can imagine the tough time that Brian Stelter had with Katrina Pierson. The clip is pretty much a media train wreck, you ALMOST feel sorry for Brian Stelter, but he's actually fortunate that he wasn't dealing with someone who'd have given even more examples of media dishonesty and outright bias.

A BIG part of Donald Trump's appeal is that he's unscripted (very much UNLIKE our Corporate media) and NOT just politically incorrect. He's also a nationalist, as opposed to a corporate globalist. THAT'S precisely why Corporate America detests him and why more and more voters seem to favor him over the other assorted ass clowns running in BOTH major Parties.

I know...I KNOW, there goes the last vestige of my having any chance of joining Donald Trump's "Inner Circle."

I didn't really think that was in the cards for me anyway.



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