Wednesday, September 9, 2015

THIS is the Kind of Idiocy That Police Have to Deal With All the Time

Taurus Brown was charged with marijuana possession and obstruction after he ran away from a cop because he doesn't like 'white people touching' him.
Taurus Brown

From this account: "While both men were at a gas station, Brown walked up to May to tell the cop how he dreamed of one day joining the force, too.

As the two shook hands, May recognized Brown: The 19-year-old was a gang member in the Florida community, May said. The cop also noticed a blunt behind Brown’s ear.

When May asked the see the blunt, Brown happily turned it over and said it was a cigar.

“Is this weed?” the cop asked. “How stupid are you?”

May asked the teen to put his hands behind his back. That’s when Brown “tensed, pulled away, and attempted to run out of the front door.” The cop ran after him, and quickly tackled Brown to the floor.

“Damn, man, all this for weed. Wow, bro, you must want to make an arrest,” Brown said May took him down.

He added: “I know I did wrong, but I don’t wanna go to jail for this … I’ll plead guilty. I’ll go to court and plead guilty. Please don’t take me to jail. Can you tell the judge I plead guilty?”

Then, May asked the teen why he tried to run from a cop.

“I don’t like white people touching me, white people do weird stuff,” the teen said.

May pressed the issue further and asked why Brown thought white people are weird.

“Nah, I’m playing. I let you catch me,” the teen said. “White people are weird as f--k, doe.” (
WHY is THIS kind of all too common blatant racism ignored?

Again, outlets like CNN are entirely complicit in all this. The way they've recklessly and irresponsibly covered the "Black Lives Matter" movement, with a decidedly anti-police and anti-WHITE bent has encouraged and emboldened the most violent and emotionally disturbed of the thugs among us.


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