Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The WRONG Reaction to Black Bigotry

Nathan Ener (YouTube)
Nathan Ener

While the outrage is understandable in the wake of recent police assassinations, the approach is divisive and destructive.

I also DON'T like the editorializing within such "news" stories. This guy's controversial, even misguided in some of his views, but for a media that NEVER uses the "racist" tag on black racists like Sharpton, Malik Shabazz and others, it has no standing on which to use it for others. It's really just as simple as that.

There's a LOT that separates blacks and whites. The two groups tend to see the world entirely differently, but no two individuals ever view this world the why would we expect entire groups to do so? But WHY exacerbate that?

We've been very good at polarizing and making enemies of each other, a lot less so at reaching out to the other side in trying to figure out solutions, but then again, swinging a hammer, or a sword has always been a lot easier than mapping out uncharted territory.

Now, there are some who'd say that Nathan Ener's call to arms is no different than that of Rashard Turner's of the BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement, but there's one pretty important difference. Whereas the BLM movement is based entirely upon LIES - more whites are killed by police than blacks and when adjusted for violent crime rates, whites are nearly TWICE as likely to be killed by police as blacks, AND black incarceration rates are entirely due to the disproportionate violent crime rates of that group - Nathan Ener's call is a reaction to very REAL, recent events - the spate of recent police assassinations by deranged followers of the BLM narrative.

The problems with Mr. Ener's approach is (1) it is lawless and as such undermines ALL respect for the rule of law and (2) it buys into that "US vs THEM" viewpoint that makes enemies of everyone in that "other" group, no matter how good, decent or productive they might be. THAT'S a BIG problem.

While ALL of this is troubling, Nathan Ener is NO MORE "racist" nor even "troubling" than those, like Rashard Turner, in the Black Lives Matter movement...but NO LESS, either.

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