Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AGAIN....THESE Are the Kinds of Encounters Too Many Cops HAVE to DEAL WITH DAILY

There is absolutely NO "RIGHT" to resist arrest...ANY arrest, especially IF you feel it's unlawful. There is NO "right" for citizens to challenge, confront, or even question police activities in the street. The COURTS exist for all that. Once a citizen confronts a cop, they are in violation of the law and warrant arrest.

Resisting even an unlawful arrest makes that arrest lawful and removes ANY standing upon which a citizen can sue over "false/unlawful arrest."

Assaulting an armed police officer ALWAYS amounts to "attempted murder of a Police Officer" because IF an assailant gains control of a cop's weapon (gun) the presumed outcome is lethal.

The Police are an arm of the SAME government that gives most of these mutts public assistance...No cops = NO public assistance, it's really just as simple as that.

People (ESPECIALLY the low-lives among us) NEED to wise up.

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