Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How Far Has America Fallen?

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Kim Davis

Hmmm....Hillary Clinton flaunts ACTUAL Federal Law by putting classified emails on a private server and runs for President...AND Kim Jones Violates NO actual law...and is jailed. (…/Kim-Davis-K…/2015/09/07/id/675577/…)

Congress has passed no law relative to same-sex marriage, so it is NOT "the law of the land," despite the recent Supreme Court decision.

Kentucky has no gay marriage statute, so Kim Davis DID NOT violate any State, nor Federal LAW.

On the other hand, it certainly appears that Hillary Clinton HAS violated BOTH Federal policies and federal laws relative to exposing classified information.

How far America has fallen from what we were just a few decades ago is defined in the way those two women have been treated.

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