Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AGAIN....THESE Are the Kinds of Encounters Too Many Cops HAVE to DEAL WITH DAILY

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Brandon Lamar Williams

Now, I've acknowledged that I'm all too often "a little slow on the uptake" on a lot of things, but compared to those in our political/media class...I'm absolutely prescient.

I've acknowledged the rabid anti-white bigotry among many in the black community for decades now, something the political/media class can't seem to grok despite the incredible disparity in violent crime rates, ESPECIALLY inter-racial violent crime THIS one, which makes all too clear the racial aspect of the vast majority of inter-racial violence! (

Hmmmmm maybe we have to wrong people in that political/media class. We might do better with, say, Engineering majors rather than a bunch of English Lit majors...who can't do math. Engineers can write, but our journalism majors can't seem to do the math.

AGAIN, it's things like THIS that have so many voters turning to "No Confidence" candidates like Trump and the 74 y/o Sanders. People are expressing their disgust with the existing political/media class.

Here's the problem, even IF we were to put a number of "outsiders" into high political office, we NEED to take control of and change the media altogether. That can ONLY be done by buying out the existing media (not an easy thing to do), OR replace the old media with a new media (new media conglomerates that replace the existing old media)...again, a long term project.

Rupert Murdoch and FNC are NOT the answer. Murdoch hired Roger Ailes and staked FNC to the Center-Right part of the media market because it was a good business decision (the Center-Right in America outnumbers the Left by better than 2 to 1), but Murdoch is every bit as Corporatist as any of his fellow media moguls.

And it's doubtful that the Kochs or Trump are any less Corporatist themselves.

It's a serious UPHILL struggle.

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FIREBIRD said...

JMK - I don't disagree with your points.... except I am one of those utterly fed up with the career politicians in both houses of Congress...that's why I support Trump. 1 - no one owns him... he can surround himself with capable knowledgeable people rather than high-dollar donors who know less than nothing about the world 2 - Trump is a negotiator - it's what he does for a living 3 - Trump is used to making DECISIONS and then letting his people carry them out - he's not a pusillanimous Muslim coward like the one living in the White House, bent on destroying America - Trump actually LOVES this country. And I think Trump would be a law and order advocate... it's time this country UPHOLDS the laws on the books. I've always wondered if Congress would ever make ENOUGH laws and finally go away..... I'm ready for a fresh approach to running this country - by a man who has built up - lost - and rebuilt many businesses.... he's smart, he's confident, and frankly, he's FEARLESS. And I think this country would regain it's place of respect in the world... and finally - the one think Trump is NOT afraid of is the left-wing media! I hate that my forefathers DIED so the current crop of leftists members of the media could control American politics..... well - the left picked Dole and McCain and Romney - it's time for MY SIDE to pick a candidate - and I PICK TRUMP!

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