Friday, August 28, 2015

Yet Another 9/11 Tragedy...

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Marcy Borders

Marcy Borders, 9/11's “dust lady” died of stomach cancer at age 42 ( With that, the very long list of those killed on 9/11/01 (or at least by the toxins they were exposed to) and the weeks that followed keeps on growing.

On 9/11/01 Ms. Borders was just 28 y/o and had just started a job with Bank of America just a month earlier.

We STILL don’t know all of what was in the air after that terrorist attack, nor do we seem to understand all the toxic effects of the chemical soup so many were exposed to in the wake of that horrific event.

Marcy Borders, like so many others deserved much better.

In related news, one of the first reports I came across after reading of the death of marcy Borden was, “VA mocks PTSD veteran with phony address. According to Veterans Affairs, PTSD veteran lives on Coo Coo Lane” (  

Do you get the gist here? The Veteran in question has claimed PTSD and given a false address – a common ploy used by those who wish to avoid further scrutiny and documentation and is mocked over that.

Unfortunately PTSD is, by far, the most abused medical disability category in existence today, surpassing "unspecified back" injuries, as those can now be better documented via MRIs, etc. Here is an actual victim of PTSD (post-WW I; At that time, PTDS was commonly referred to as "shell shock," although medically it was referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Those who are actually impacted by actual PTSD CANNOT function in society. They CANNOT hold jobs, they CANNOT move about freely as shown in the above video, they are not “otherwise normal people who suffer from occasional flashbacks and sudden panic attacks.” They were institutionalized at the time and those who actually suffer real PTSD should almost certainly be institutionalized today, as well...the parameters of that diagnosis haven't changed.

HOWEVER, since that time PTSD has undergone a transformation, first to "battle fatigue," in WWII. There's the famous footage of George Patton slapping the troop he saw as looking to duck combat with the charge and since that time it has been expanded to cover virtually ANY "aversion to adverse stimuli," in other words, "hurt feelings." In short, PTSD is far too easy to fake.

I’ve worked 30 years in the FDNY and 20 of those in one of the busiest Units in that job in the South Bronx. I’ve seen tragedy and death...quite a bit of it. I responded to 9/11 that evening and we were there until Thursday morning the 13th, than worked every other day for a few weeks. Questionable PTSD disabilities are sadly very common in that Department, especially since 9/11. The rewards of tax-free disability pensions is too much of a lure for many people to forego that kind of base immorality. If it happens in the FDNY (and it DOES), why wouldn’t happen in equal numbers in every other venue?

The real victims of scammers and those claiming false 9/11 disabilities are the actual victims like Marcy Borders and her family. Claiming a false disability ISN’T a “victimless”’s a good look at one of the victims.

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