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Will The Roanoke Murders Trigger a Sea-Change Within America’s Media?

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Roanoke Murder Victims

It hardly seems likely, but there’s been a LOT of “Progressive” soul-searching in the wake of the Roanoke, Virginia murders. Even CNN, the always reliably seeking out “anti-cop” and “pro-black thug” narratives has taken to calling the shooter (Vester Flanagan/Bryce Williams) a “racist” and a “liar.”

Hey! It’s a start.

Of course, some folks get it...and others just do not. Montel Williams was so vexed and alarmed at the NY Daily News (a reliably Left-of-Center NY tabloid) posting timelined photos of the grisly killing on its front page that he plans a “boycott” of the newspaper. (

Montel Williams' Tweet

You see, Montel Williams sees the potential for the sea-change on racial thinking this might represent...and doesn’t much like it.

Now, on the other hand, the always reliably racially bigoted Dexter Thomas of the L.A. Times, another “affirmative action baby,” hired by the L.A. Times “to cover black Twitter.” No kidding! (

Dexter Thomas L.A. Times

In his latest offering, Dexter Thomas lives down to his image as a “quota-writer” ( in wondering aloud, “Some Internet commenters have criticized news outlets that did not emphasize the shooter's race, accusing them of hiding a trend of black violence.

“But others ask whether major media outlets hesitated to show the footage because the victims who were dying on camera were white.”

Now, virtually EVERY news outlet made very clear the race of both shooter and unfortunately rare event in today’s PC news rooms. Those who took issue with that were, for the most part, blacks...much like Dexter Thomas. Likewise, the only “others” who questioned, “whether major media outlets hesitated to show the footage because the victims who were dying on camera were white,” were, once again, dolts like Dexter Thomas.

FACT is no news outlets have ever shown the shooting deaths of ANY victims, but Dexter Thomas can be forgiven for not knowing that because, in his defense, not all that much has ever been expected of him. I’d challenge Dexter Thomas or any surrogate to come up with a single front page photo of a black victim dying on camera, but I simply don’t have eternity to wait.

Now, for the record, I vehemently disagree with Montel Williams. I think these photos NEEDED to be on the front page to show the typical “dog bites man” nature of violent crime.

This single event has galvanized the media in a way no other event, including the Newtown School shootings. Time will tell whether this signals a change in the way white “newsers” and more importantly editors deal with race and crime...we can only hope.

To date, the ONLY reporter who’s accurately and honestly covered inter-racial violence in America has been Colin Flaherty ( who has mostly been derided by the national media, when not being ignored.

Like Dexter Thomas, I very much WANT such images on our front pages and leading on our TV news! Probably for precisely the opposite reason the addled Dexter Thomas does, but nonetheless, I want whites to be de-liberalized, especially when it comes to racial issues. I want whites to see what the real face of bigotry looks like. Today it’s MUCH more likely to be a Vester Flanagan, or a Dexter Thomas than a Bull Connor.

I want whites to heed the authentic and all too accurate warnings of the Colin Flaherty’s of the world. I want EVERYONE to stop looking at racial issues from the tarnished lenses of the past and look closer and harder at them through the all too clear lenses of today.

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