Sunday, August 9, 2015

Thug Attempts to Unmarked Police Car And Gets Free Full Body "Wood Shampoo" and Complimentary Trip to Free County Jail

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Dominique Albert

According to reports, Dominique Albert, 27, allegedly approached a car parked on a St. Petersburg, FL street around 9:45 PM and promptly yanked open the passenger door and, leaning into the vehicle with a steak knife in his right hand, boldly attempted to commandeer the vehicle.

While Albert’s would-be victims were initially startled by the interloper, they quickly rallied. Dominique Albert had unknowingly attempted to carjack an unmarked cop car! (

“Police!,” shouted Detective Daniel Torok from the driver’s seat as he drew his handgun and leveled it at Albert, who “turned and fled on foot.”

So....NOT ONLY was Dominique Albert guilty of "racial profiling" (he deliberately targeted a car with two white men inside), he was also stupid enough to quite literally bring a knife to a gun fight.

Officer Torok and his partner then chased after Albert, who dropped his knife during the pursuit. When the cops caught up with Albert, he, “Fought Police with violence, but was finally taken into custody after a lengthy fight.” Albert, who allegedly continued to struggle after being handcuffed, stopped resisting after a backup officer “deployed his Taser.

This idiot SHOULD'VE BEEN tasered the moment he refused to obey police commands.

He "resisted arrest" the moment he ran. His "struggling" and "fighting" with police officers carries a felony "assaulting a police officer" charge.

There exists NO jurisdiction within the U.S. in which citizens can legally refuse to comply with police they legal or even illicit orders.

Your ONLY recourse to actual police misconduct is in the courts. A police officer CAN arrest you for NO REASON whatsoever (at their own legal peril) and you MUST comply.

The state has graciously provided us all with courts as a remedy for such disputes." THAT is the ONLY recourse citizens have in such matters.

Fighting with police is absolutely verboten! [That's FORBIDDEN, to you Germanically-challenged out there]

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