Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The “Breathing Cycle” of ALL Things

Entropy (aging is entropy) & reconstitution (reformation of simple substances into more complex ones) form a cycle. organisms and organizations constantly break down through aging (entropy) and cells and other small fragments constantly reorganize into more complex structures, organisms and organizations. THAT is "the breathing" of ALL things, including, but not limited to life. In effect, it is the “breathing cycle” of nature itself.

I've always suspected that cancer the excessive, or out-of-control growth of various cells and the incomplete replication of such cells is somehow directly related to the aging process, but I’m not at all sure how, so I may very well be wrong on that. Wouldn’t be a first, that’s for sure.

Personally, whether you are dedicated to breakdown/chaos of "the existing order", or to organization/"law & order" (preservation of the status quo) you are constantly "swimming against the tide," because exhalation (disorder/chaos) is ALWAYS followed by inhalation (order and structure) and exhalation (order and structure) is always followed by disorder and breakdown. ALL of life...ALL of nature BREATHES.

This is a part of the duality of nature (of which mankind is a part), the ying/yang, the dark/light, the day/night, growth/decay, organization/chaos that defines the basic structure...the "breathing process" of the entire world...of all of nature itself.

What we see as constant struggle, constant turmoil, incessant change, is really the natural effects of this “breathing cycle.” The assembling/reconstitution (law and order) inhalation is followed by disorder, chaos, aging and infirmity as naturally as the day follows the night. That’s why the most astute political observers often remark, “The pendulum swings both ways.” It DOES! Periods of age/breakdown and chaos reliably follow periods of growth, assembly and traditionalism in both organisms and organizations. Even civilizations, nations and empires are born, grow, age, break down and expire just as individual organisms do, albeit on a different time scale.

In that way, no matter what side of things one is on, we are all ultimately “tilting at windmills.”

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