Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The BLM Farce

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Here's the problem I see with today’s “Black Lives Matter” anti-police agenda...ANYTHING less than complete and docile compliance with a Police Officer's directions during a stop constitutes "actively resisting arrest."

That has been taken far too lightly by the judicial system up to now. Given the present climate, the discretion of prosecutors to drop such charges must be eliminated and that charge must be elevated to a felony.

In the wake of the TWO autopsies and the DOJ’s investigation, there's virtually no remaining doubt that Mike Brown attacked Police Officer, Darren Wilson. ALL Officer Wilson did that day was fight for his life against a violent offender.

It appears that Christian Taylor (the football player shot in an Arlington, TX car dealership did the same. It turns out that, "In December, he took to Twitter to condemn racist policing. And a few weeks before he died, friends and family said, a religious awakening left him talking obsessively about social justice and his desire to be a black leader.

“He said MLK, he was a peaceful-type dude, but Malcolm X, he was getting the business done,” said his friend J’von Varra, 20, recalling a recent conversation with Taylor at a local park. “He said he felt like sometimes you have to be destructive to get what you want."...

“He said that on his break, God came to him and he cried and cried. It really changed his life,” said Smith, who had lived across the street from Taylor since the seventh grade and was his teammate on the Mansfield Summit High School football team.

“He said God came to him not only to get himself right, but to get us all on board. He wanted to save everybody.”

"Friends said Taylor cared passionately about social justice issues, an interest apparent in his Twitter feed. “Every time I see a squad car I think about all the lives lost...I’ve never felt protected,” he wrote on Dec. 11, one of several such tweets around that time."

Sad to say, but it seems that Christian Taylor became radicalized by a false BLM narrative. IF those stopped would simply comply with ALL police directives, there'd be far fewer such incidents AND more bad cops (they truly are few and far between) would be brought to justice.

This SHOULDN'T BE a black/white issue, because it ISN’T an ethnic issue, it's a scumbag/producer issue.

Yesterday (Friday, August 14th, 2015) on Staten Island, a career thug opened fire on U.S. Marshalls serving a warrant, then shot an FDNY Lieutenant as that fire crew responded to a house fire at that location.

The authorities negotiated with this goon for hours, even brought his Mom up from another state, before they finally took him out with a sniper. His addled mother's response? "They brought me up here to witness my son's execution."

NO! All that's on her. She was brought there to talk that shitbird into surrendering SHE failed. SHE'S the reason (HER FAILURE) is the reason he wound up getting put down.

This isn't England where people are free to negotiate, even argue with police. "Docile compliance" with ALL police orders is mandated by law in the U.S.. The courts exist to adjudicate wrongful arrest and brutality complaints.

I have ZERO sympathy with those who mistakenly believe they have a right to question, challenge or confront police.

Cops are NOT social workers. They merely exist to bring suspected lawbreakers into the system. The courts avail us of the ability to question, challenge, confront...and where appropriate to sue over improper state/police practices.

Nothing tells the story like a “progressive success!” Since the Freddie Gray incident arrests are down by almost 50% and violent crime is on a record pace. With 45 Homicides in July became Baltimore’s deadliest month since 1972! ( Baltimore residents live in fear of perpetual violence. The anti-police agenda won and the thugs have taken that city. The other residents live in abject terror.

Moreover, the decent residents of such areas DO NOT hate, or fear the police.

Predominantly black Memphis residents post blue balloons in solidarity with police after cop is shot there

According to Kevin Jackson of Black Sphere; “Citizen journalism is what will keep America strong, and fight the scourge of the Left.

“The Left are scandalous, as they set their fake narratives, force-feeding Americans their nonsense.

“When the police officer Sean Bolton was ambushed and shot in Memphis, TN recently, this black neighborhood put blue balloons up as a tribute to the fallen officer.

“Why didn’t the lamestream media report this? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

“Black people don’t all hate the police. They know that the police are necessary, and in fact, many of our family members and friends are police officers.

“But with Liberals, they want blacks to NOT respect the police.

“Snitches get stitches.”

“The disservice done to blacks by the media is scandalous. Many blacks live in the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, and if there is anybody who should cooperate with police, it’s blacks. Most blacks know this, but are afraid to speak out.

“Kudos to the people who honored the life of a good man and police officer.” ( and ( WHY did the national media fail to cover this?

Obviously because it undermines the fallacy that the BLM movement speaks for the majority of the black community.

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