Sunday, August 23, 2015

Race Obsession in Our Corporatist National Media

Mona Nelson brutally murdered 12 y/o Jonathan Foster

People get emotional in the face of crimes such as this ( That's why they are used for propaganda purposes by all sides. Oddly enough, our own national media has engaged in precisely the reverse form of propaganda, downplaying, even ignoring these crimes (has anyone here heard of Jonathan Foster, or Mona Nelson before), while focusing on the very rare white-on-black variety. Therefore the horrific James Byrd killing WAS national news, while the Knoxville torture-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom WERE NOT.

America's national media is entirely corporately controlled, just as are the 2 major political Parties. So, if you want to see the Corporatist agenda very clearly, just pay close attention to what the Corporatist media focuses on; (A) It is pro-ILLEGAL immigration/open-borders for (1) cheap labor and (2) to ultimately change the demographics and the culture of this country, (B) Pro-quota (race/gender preferences) and yes, sadly (C) Decidedly anti-white, ergo the focus on very rare, often fictionalized white-on-black violence to hype the fiction that America's racial issues are primarily due to white bigotry against blacks, when inter-racial crime stats, etc. prove it to be exactly the reverse.

The ONLY ways this can possibly be remedied would be by (1) Wresting the existing media from the Corporate cartels...a difficult, if not impossible task, given their reluctance to part with those assets OR (2) By gradually replacing that existing media with new arduous, long term proposition.

Of course, such a new media would have to be honest, objective and transparent and NOT seek to sensationalize black-on-white crime the way our current media sensationalizes and propagandizes fictitious "white-on-black" violence (like the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, MO.) in which a police officer merely defended himself against an attacking thug.

WHY would “American” Corporations want to undermine America’s traditional culture and so fundamentally alter its demographics?

Well, for one thing they are NOT “American” Corporations. They’ve long correctly referred to themselves as “multi-National Corporations. They seek to serve the interests of a global consumer base and to do that, they perceive that they must bring American prosperity down a bit, so as to raise the rest of the world, especially the developing world, up.

Beyond that, they’ve consistently seen America’s predominantly white, European population as “too demanding,” too well educated and too unwilling to follow their dictates without question.

THAT says a LOT about how little they think of developing nations and their inhabitants. When Benedict Arnold turned on his own American rebels, the British never fully accepted him as anything other than a traitor, who so easily sold out his own, as to be completely untrustworthy to them. They used him for his information, but despite serving the British Army in lower capacities after the American Revolution, his funeral was without military honors. That is probably a cautionary note to those with whom these “American Corporatists” temporarily side with now. Best to keep them “at arm’s length”, as you would any other traitor.

This is the terrible tragedy of American Corporatism, these once “petty mercantilists” have come to establish themselves as a new aristocracy and fashioned a new “intellectual elite.” The most pathetic tragedy in that is that when such people usually get an idea...they usually get it all wrong.

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