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Oath Keepers

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Oath Keepers ( is a patriotic group that puts the Constitution above all else. Yes, the Constitution is out of favor with some today and it was tremendously out of favor in the wake of America's Civil War. Millions of Irish immigrants fought that war that better established and more well-off citizens bought or bribed their way out of. Over 80% of the Troops from places like Boston and NY were of Irish descent. MANY of them favored a much more centralized government, like the ones they were familiar "back home."

There was a brief window for redressing that (in the late 1860s and through the 1870s) BUT the merchants and politicians in the North that favored that were too timid to do so...and that window has long passed. TODAY the vast majority of Americans (somewhat over 80%) revere the Constitution and prefer a much more de-centralized government than the one that exists right now. It's far too late for ANYONE to take issue with the Constitution.

It is even far too late to take issue with those who prefer a more de-centralized governance (that's CONSTITUTIONAL). We CAN'T agree with the Oath Keepers on the abuse of federal surveillance issues - the Oath Keepers have been lauded by both the WaPo and NY Times (BOTH of which now act as if they never heard of this group before) for the Oath Keepers stand AGAINST ubiquitous and unchecked federal surveillance of all citizens - and disagree with them over other parts of the Constitution we find inconvenient.

If anything, I've long supported getting rid of many of the 20th Century's ridiculous and absurd Amendments to the Constitution most of which expanded the Executive Branch’s powers AND eradicating the 1873 Provision in an otherwise decent "Anti-Klan Bill," that incorporated this nation. (

There's simply no standing upon which modern Americans can oppose the Constitution as written...I sympathize, I mean, I often wish there was (OK, not really, but I CAN empathize)...but there's not. It may not be our faults, just because our great-grandparents were too cowardly to take advantage of a window in time 150 years ago, BUT the fact is that that window was never taken advantage of and the original Constitution with its decentralized governance has remained in effect, as written, ever since.

Sure, there are some who’ve timidly argued that the 1963 assassination of JFK “changed everything” and that after that coup America’s government was forever altered.

But that is flat out WRONG!

Again, the conspirators didn’t have the guts to confront the American people and announce, or even legislate such changes, even though they apparently DID manage to coerce the craven Edward “Ted” Kennedy to change the demographics of the nation via official immigration policies that deliberately discriminated against European immigration.

They were too timid to announce any victory or declare any changes...So, those “changes” don’t exist. If you don’t alter and codify such changes into law, they simply don’t exist. The fact is that those cowards left everything they did with that coup open to being undone with the stroke of a pen and that is what such unworthy efforts, such “victories” unclaimed and unannounced by the victors deserve – to be forgotten, unsung and unrecognized.

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