Sunday, August 9, 2015

NEWSFLASH: Polls Show Penguins in Antarctica Think Humans Are..."A Bunch of Dicks!" Researchers Believe it's Just a "Lucky Guess."

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Penguins seem to hold humans in very low regard...

Ongoing research with Antarctic penguins shows they have a universally low opinion of humans. "They laugh at us behind our backs," claims researcher Thaddeus Humphreys, "We're out there breaking our butts for them every day and they tend to view us all as a bunch of dicks."

When asked how they may have reached that conclusion, Humphreys responded, "Probably just a lucky guess, I suppose."

When the question was rephrased, "No...NO, how did YOU reach the conclusion that penguins think we're all just a bunch of dicks," Humphreys just stared glumly, then blinked a few times before turning on his heels and waddling back to the ice flow.

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