Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is It Possible That Some Texas Hate Groups Might Be Able to be Charged as "Accessories Before the Fact" in the Assassination of Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth?

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"Sunshine" of FukYoFlaf                           Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth

If Shannon Miles acted on calls by specific local, radicalized hate groups to "kill cops" and "lynch white people," WHY wouldn't the active members of such groups that made those calls on the air, be held to account for crimes such as "inciting violence," "conspiracy to commit..." even "Accessory Before the Act, "etc.?

According to, "Members of the ‪#‎FYF911‬ or ‪#‎FukYoFlag‬ and‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movements called for the lynching and hanging of white people and cops. They encouraged others on a radio show Tuesday night (on the Tuesday before Officer Goforth was assassinated) to “turn the tide” and kill white people and cops to send a message about the killing of black people in America.

"One of the F***YoFlag organizers is called “Sunshine.” She has a radio blog show hosted from Texas called, “Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show.”...

"...Breitbart Texas previously reported how Sunshine was upset when “racist white people” infiltrated and disrupted one of her conference calls. She subsequently released the phone number of one of the infiltrators. The veteran immediately started receiving threatening calls.

"One of the #F***YoFlag movement supporters allegedly told a veteran who infiltrated their publicly posted conference call, “We are going to rape and gut your pregnant wife, and your f***ing piece of sh*t unborn creature will be hung from a tree.”

"Breitbart Texas previously encountered Sunshine at a Sandra Bland protest at the Waller County Jail in Texas, where she said all white people should be killed. She told journalists and photographers, “You see this nappy-ass hair on my head? … That means I am one of those more militant Negroes.” She said she was at the protest because “these redneck mother-f**kers murdered Sandra Bland because she had nappy hair like me.”

"#FYF911 black radicals say they will be holding the “imperial powers” that are actually responsible for the terrorist attacks on September 11th accountable on that day, as reported by Breitbart Texas. There are several websites and Twitter handles for the movement.

“Palmetto Star” describes himself as one of the head organizers. He said in a YouTube video that supporters will be burning their symbols of “the illusion of their superiority,” their “false white supremacy,” like the American flag, the British flag, police uniforms, and Ku Klux Klan hoods." (…/black-activists-called-for-lync…/)

Threatening, libelous and inciteful speech is NOT protected by the 1st Amendment. People HAVE BEEN convicted of incitement and other such crimes, although, to date, it's usually been nazis, or other "Aryan hate groups," BUT times have changed...and today's "nazis," more often look like Shannon Miles and Vester Flanagan then they do "Tiny the Biker."

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