Friday, August 28, 2015

How About Enforcing, Even Enhancing Existing Gun Laws BEFORE Looking to Create New Gun Laws...We WON'T Enforce?

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In the wake of the murders by Vester Flanagan, Dylann Roof and James Holmes, questions have come up about how to keep "crazy people from getting guns."

TWO things, BOTH mental health issues and criminal records DO bar people from legally procuring guns. HOWEVER, privacy laws make accessing such records far too difficult. (

Bottom-line, once you apply for a gun license it should be understood that you've just surrendered your HIPPA privacy rights and the right to keep your criminal record private. THAT is NOT all that much to expect.

On another note, the bar for both of those issues SHOULD BE lowered.

ANY violent crime should be grounds for banning a person from legal gun ownership. Likewise, the "adjudicated to be mentally incompetent" bar is far, FAR too HIGH. Anyone who's been diagnosed/treated with any serious mental disability (Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, even anyone sent to "Anger Management") SHOULD be barred from owning a gun legally UNTIL, or UNLESS they can get a mental health professional to give them, in effect, "a clean bill of mental health."

That professional would then be putting their own license to practice on the line by, in effect, giving that person a “certificate of sanity,” so that would probably raise the bar very, VERY high!

Moreover, those standards MUST be applied to everyone - soldiers, police officers, politicians, wealthy tycoons, etc. IF you're a cop and you're convicted of domestic battery....WHOOOPS! can no longer carry a firearm. The force can either put you out on a disability, OR they can assign you some sort of "desk duty," or even fire that person, depending upon the infraction. BUT that Officer should NEVER again carry a firearm.

I don't think that such standards are at all "over-the-top." The problem is that pro-gun controllers have never made such arguments. They talk of inane gun bans and "the immorality of hunting," and other truly dumb stuff like that.

Sensible gun laws, MUST 1st BE SENSIBLE.

IF you are convicted of ANY violent crime (and NO violent crime SHOULD ever be pled down to a non-violent one, just a violent misdemeanor) you lose the right to legally purchase firearms...which in the case of police, bars you from effectively doing the job you were previously paid to do. If that's due to some provable PTSD or other job-related mental disability, that Officer should get a disability pension, if not they get either desk duty, or let go...simple as that.

IF you are diagnosed/treated for a mental/emotional disorder from depression, or schizophrenia to PTSD or even "Anger Management" over "road rage," likewise, you too lose the right to legally purchase a gun.

Then look out for the explosion in illegal gun making ( and selling and then THAT must be cracked down upon with draconian Civil & Criminal punishments.

The existing laws need merely be enforced...and in some cases, enhanced.

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