Friday, August 7, 2015

FNC Vs Trump

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FNC's Megyn Kelly...and Her "Team"

Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP polls is about a LOT of Americans fervently believing that, “There’s no such thing as a ‘professional politician.” Apparently many even believe that what we have in government today is a “Gaggle of unprofessional politicians,” and who can argue with that given the arrest records of NY State’s Legislature, the political crimes and corruption in places like Louisiana and New Jersey?

Tragically FNC chose to attack the messenger (Trump) and, in the process attack all those who are sick and tired of our sad sack and the political and media class. (

FNC SHOULD HAVE explained WHY that anti-establishment view is so wrong-headed, and WHY such “professional politicians” are needed today, instead they chose to slime and attack the symbol (Trump) and, by extension, ALL those who support that viewpoint, which at this point is, if NOT a majority at the very least a sizable plurality of American voters.

It’s now far too late for FNC to even consider switching strategies now.

The very worst, most aggressive of the Fox attackers was Megyn Kelly (see photo above) to the scorn and derision of many FNC wachers;

After this debate, my opinion changed the MOST about @foxnews, @megynkelly, @BretBaier & Chris Wallace! Utterly Disappointed…#GOPDebate

The biggest losers in the debate were the Fox moderators who attacked instead of moderating #GOPDebate

Terrible job @FoxNews!
Terrible job @FoxNews!
Terrible job @FoxNews!
Terrible job @FoxNews!
Terrible job @FoxNews! #GOPDebate #FAIL

@Snap_Politics @TheLastRefuge2 Absolutely disgusting! @megynkelly behavior was horrible! She interrupted everyone. No lo(ng)er a fan of her.

Tweet me who YOU think won the GOP debate - use #Greta

.@greta I can tell you who lost.... @megynkelly

the training of Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace for the GOP debate was brought to you by Candy Crowley AND by the letter "B" for BIAS

I'm super disappointed in @megynkelly . You came a Trump with bias. I've always found you more professional than tonight.

Yikes! Megyn (“Don’t worry kids! Santa Clauss is WHITE!”) Kelly didn’t help herself, NOR did the optic presented by her “pre-debate twitter pic” of herself and her “team,” ALL of them blondes.


Had Chris Wallace posted a picture of himself and his team entering the debate area and his “team” all looked exactly like him, wore the SAME color tie, with the SAME haircut, he’d be immediately excoriated as a “xenophobic bigot.”

WHY is Megyn Kelly held to such a different standard?

WHY shouldn’t her staff be as diverse as we expect others to be?

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Jeff said...

Larry “Let’s Do Another Line of Blow” Kudlow supported “Cash For Clunkers”. He’s just another Republican Wall Street Money Printer claiming to be conservative!

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