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CRIME ROUNDUP August, 2015:

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BLM Thugs Disrupt Sanders Event in Seattle

We're NOT even a THIRD of the way through the month and we already have these stories:

(*) PA. Teen Killed After Robbing Gun Store...and Standing His Ground Against Police:
A Cinnaminson teenager who allegedly broke into a Pennsylvania gun store was inexplicably killed by police after allegedly shooting at the responding officers, from Lebanon County, PA, Supporters of the teen (Joshua Malave) say all he was doing was "standing his ground."

Joshua Malave, 18, was identified as the victim by the Lebanon County Coroner’s Office on Wednesday morning. The cause of death was a gunshot wound, according to the report. (

Another senseless police initiated homicide.
(*) Tampa, FL: 2 Black Teens Lucky to be Alive After Pummeling and Stabbing a Disabled 50 y/o White man:
According to a Tampa "News" Outlet; "A deaf man had no idea two men ran up behind him until he was on the ground trying to defend himself.

"The (victim) threw his arms in front of his face and body trying to prevent himself from being stabbed.

“They attacked him from behind. They pushed him down, and they had some type of sharp instrument which they cut him, slashed him, and stabbed him with,” Hillsborough County Detective Marc Purvis explained. “The most serious of the injuries was a stab wound straight up into the jaw area.”

"The motive is unclear. Right now it’s robbery, but that could change."

The "motive is unclear?"

Hey dipshits! It's a "hate crime," bozos.

Luckily the two black assailants were unharmed during the attack.

Inexplicably they are facing a variety of charges leveled, no doubt, by "racist police."
(*) Black Lives Matter THUGS Shut Down Bernie Sanders Event in Seattle...AND Are Assailed by "Racist" Sanders Supporters For Their "Brave" Efforts
"Activists with Black Lives Matter protests halted a political rally in Seattle where Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was scheduled to speak on Saturday afternoon.

[Yeah, they're apparently onto Bernie...a "closet racist," no doubt.]

“We’re shutting this event down — now,” said an activist who suddenly leapt on stage. She approached the microphone where Sanders had just begun speaking, thanking attendees for welcoming him to “one of most progressive cities in the United States of America.” An event organizer attempted to stop the activist, and a heated exchange ensued as the crowd booed.

["Attempted to stop"....WHAT the F*CK does that even mean?! If this BLM bigot had been armed, we may have had an assassination here! You DON'T "attempt to stop" such scumbags, you level them - with a clothes line tackle, or you beat'em down, or taser them...whatever it takes to subdue such marauders.]

"Eventually, activist Marissa Johnson was allowed to speak. “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is, even with all of these progressives, but you’ve already done that for me. Thank you,” she said as some in the crowd called for her arrest." (

Now there's an interesting bit of a LACK of SELF REFLECTION on Marissa Johnson's part! The very essence of the BLM movement is a vehement anti-white racism, but somehow she sees everyone else as "racist," because they object to her own vile bigotry.

That the BLM movement is racist is undeniable. It MIGHT be different IF blacks had some very real and righteous grievances against whites, but history DOES NOT seem to bear that out; (1) Black Africans initiated and conducted BOTH the Arab (Zanzibar) and European slave trades. Moreover, the Irish suffered an even more brutal slave trade during Cromwell's attempted genocide of that people during the 17th Century, (2) blacks owe many whites (especially the Irish, who were a HUGE part of the Union's Military during the Civil War...over 80% of the regiments from Boston & NY were of Celtic descent...a great know, fighting to help end slavery and all that, (3) blacks have already been compensated for past abuses with an array of preferences and set asides over the past half century...and (4) there is mounting evidence that the disproportionate violent inter-racial crime rates nationwide have changed the dynamic of this discussion.

Interestingly enough, the Seattle shut down represented the second time in the past month that Sanders has been confronted by Black Lives Matter activists in a high-profile setting.

Could that be because Hillary Clinton has paid the BLM "leadership" more money than the Sanders' camp offered?

Hmmmmmm....Yeah, step onstage during a Trump event....and get your muthf*ckin asses kicked BLM!

THERE'S your challenge.

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