Sunday, August 23, 2015

A "PRO-Business, PRO-Wealth, PRO-Cop Democratic Mayor of NYC? Sounds Too Good to be True...I'll BELIEVE It When I SEE It...


From the Front Page Story in Today's NY Post (8/19/2015):

"One of the nation’s wealthiest black business leaders is considering mounting a self-financed campaign to topple Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2017 — saying he has lost faith in the candidate he once supported.

“I’m giving serious thought to running for mayor of New York City . . . I was a political supporter of Bill de Blasio,” real estate mogul Don Peebles told The Post on Tuesday...

"...“I’ve lost confidence in him. It would be irresponsible of me to do nothing,” said Peebles, 55, who owns the largest African-American-run real estate company in the United States.

“He’s anti-business, he’s anti-wealth, he’s anti-accomplishment. His performance has not been up to par. He’s failed.” (


I mean, you've supported the current Mayor and apparently knew him, at least since his days in the City Council, or at the very least, since his Public Advocate days...and you didn't get the impression back then that Bill de Blasio was "ANTI-business, ANTI-wealth and ANTI-cop"?

I don't know, I just find that a bit hard to believe. It's not exactly as though he hid those views.

In related news, it's also been reported that former NBA Commissioner David Stern has been approached about a possible Mayoral run for 2017 by a number of prominent Democrats ( Mr Stern was a fine NBA Commissioner, but you'd have to hear his political views before you could get excited at such a prospect.

After reading Don Peebles quotes, I think I'd prefer him over Stern, or just about anyone else right now. A PRO-Business, PRO-Cop, PRO-Prosperity Mayor...and a Democrat?

Sounds too good to be true.

At any rate, we've got a long ride until 2017....a LOT can happen, both good and bad between now and then...

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