Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A GREAT And Very TIMELY Article

This is a major issue, perhaps THE major issue of the day. (

The vast majority of people, Asian, black, Hispanic and white are NOT bigots, BUT our race-obsessed national media has been determined to pit ethnic groups against each other and to encourage black-on-white bigotry, while highlighting often fictional accounts of white-on-black bigotry, like that in Ferguson, MO.

The article correctly asserts, "‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ activists are not victims of racism, they are perpetrators of racism. That is why they reject “All Lives Matter” and insist that only “Black Lives Matter”. Every victimhood excuse made to defend this racist disdain for other races is a lie. The truth is that to black nationalists, only black lives matter. #BlackLivesMatter means that non-black lives don’t and that is the root of its racist violence...

"...Institutional racism against blacks was outlawed in the United States 50 years ago. Nonetheless in the hypocrisy that has become the civil rights movement, the federal government implements institutional racism against white people and Asians – a fact that is never mentioned.

"When Obama and Holder gave a pass on voter intimidation to the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia, it was blatant racism. When Obama and Holder intervened in Ferguson to prosecute a racial agenda while trying to cover up the actual facts of the case, that too was racism...

"...Conservatives [That SHOULD read REPUBLICANS, Conservatives BOTH black and white DO talk openly about this] don’t like to talk about black lynch mobs or black race riots. It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s one that we need to have because without it we can’t even begin to deal with the racial problems we face and because the failure to have that conversation creates a vacuum the left fills by playing the race card against everyone in their way.

"The hardest truth that we have to deal with is the fact that much of “black victimhood” is just anti-white bigotry...

"...The left claims that racism is based on power and blacks have no power. Absurd on its face. Blacks have a lot of power beginning with the White House. Blacks control major American cities like Baltimore and systematically ruin them because that’s what you get with a one-party system, and in urban America you can get a one-party system when you tar and feather the other party as white. Racism is based on insecurity rather than power. The #BlackLivesMatter activist screaming at a white couple having brunch and the Klansman screaming at a black family are inspired by parallel insecurities. They gain power and a sense of security through racial intimidation...

"...Making black people into victims and white people into perpetrators dehumanizes both races. It provides fertile soil for racism, paranoia and mistrust to grow on both sides.

"The first step to getting out of the corner the nation has painted itself in is to admit that black racism is real. It is not a minor problem. It has become the engine of racial tensions in America. It must cease to be a taboo to speak out and tell that truth."

It's all too easy for even the most rational and fair-minded people to be swept up in this media-stoked lynch mob mentality.

REAL racial animus/bigotry is ALWAYS wrong, no matter where, or which groups it comes from! A reckless and irresponsible media that rationalizes black bigotry, while trumping up white bigotry is not worthy of respect. Sadly, THAT is the media we have today, because their extended family (the political class) demand that.

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