Monday, July 20, 2015

The Knicks ARE New York....BUT NOT in a Good Way!

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New York Knicks

There's a reason Robert Anton Wilson (RAW for short) was a very popular writer ..back when more people read books. For instance, in the introduction to the 1997 edition of his book "The Illuminati Papers," (originally published in 1978), he opines about how hackneyed many current readers may find the futuristic book, "Except in the Manhattan Literary Establishment, where these ideas are still considered wild and crazy. (Those New Yorkers still seem to think the latest radical notions are those of Freud and Marx)."

RAW was right about New York (at least New York's alleged "elites"), but NOT just its "Literary Establishment," it goes for ALL the City's pseudo-elites in EVERY field and in EVERY aspect.

Just as NY Knick ownership STILL seems to see NYC as "the Mecca of basketball), completely failing to understand that places like NY & Boston HAVE TO "pay MORE to get LESS," because those markets (1) no longer have a media and endorsement monopoly and (2) they HAVE to match the incomes of Texas & Florida players...BOTH in the cost of this state's income tax AND it's much higher cost of living.

These northeast and "Rust Belt" cities CAN'T do that without incurring a punitive "Luxury Tax" from the NBA.

Those city's sports franchises are dinosaurs, but even as they coagulate into oil, the owners here just don't seem to realize it...YET.

The SAME is true for NYC's vaunted academic and political "elites." NYC is one of the last places on earth where the political class, coupled with the academic "elites" STILL naively see New York City as the "center of the world," and most of them seem to believe there's a chance of breathing new life into the dead ideas of Marx and company, with goofy ideas like "Neo-Marxism."

In BOTH cases (sports and government) our New York "elites" don't seem to realize how out of date and archaic they really are.

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